Pluto in Capricorn: "Have no fear of ths mess," said the Cat in the Hat

Dear Deirdre
Pluto changes signs at the end of November… and I’m curious as to what’s in store for me. I know it will affect me, deeply, over the next 15 years. What should I expect? I fear the worst.

Dear R., I know what you mean. You didn’t give me any birth information so I am interpreting your question as the voice of the collective. Do you know the book The Cat in the Hat? I think this book describes the kind of trouble which can occur when Pluto is traveling across the Gemini – Sagittarian axis.

Two kids, a brother and a sister, (Gemini) are at home in their environment doing absolutely nothing. In a great spontaneous burst (Sagittarius) a cat messes up the entire house. The articulate, family pet is the most upset about the chaos (Virgo, which squares Sagittarius). The Cat, an exotic Jupitarian figure who is exaggeratedly into everything, magically has the good luck to also get out of trouble at the last minute, just before the authority enters (Pluto in Capricorn).

My point is the messes we find in our world now are not serving their purpose anymore and this is a natural cycle. Pluto in Sagittarius has taught us chaos was fun up until a certain point. The fish in the Cat in the Hat had some good advice as he spoke to Pluto leaving Sagittarius :

“Now look what you did!” Said the fish to the cat. “Now look at this house! Look at this! Look at that! You sank our toy ship, Sank it deep in the cake. You shook up our house And you bent our new rake. You SHOULD NOT be here When our mother is not. You get out of this house!” Said the fish in the pot.

So lets see what kind of cosmic help we have to clean up OUR mess. We have had Saturn in Virgo monitoring the transition team. This is the fish saying clean it up. We all have it somewhere and it is simple, just clean it up, whether it is clutter or junk food or lazy habits or wasting resources, clean it up.

Jupiter is making a trine TODAY to Saturn. This is the day to make a plan to purify our cosmic hygiene. And if we don’t feel like changing, there will be SIX eclipses under our collective butt in 2009. Jupiter will be in Aquarius for all of 2009. Our tolerance, respect and cooperation for and with each other will be not only in fashion, but also easier to do than usual.

If you as an individual know what you want to clean up and can’t, your luck will be finding an organization to help you. For example, if you know your mess is substance abuse, you can turn to AA. There is a solution for all messes. Saturn in Virgo will oversee problems and assign to Jupiter in Aquarius community organizations, that’s the high road in the fear.
So, R., this is what I think will happen, that we will find the initiative to be our own authorities, and that will be scary until we do it, and then it will be liberating (Pluto is heading for Aquarius after Capricorn, although this is a generation away). If you have no mess, then maybe you know someone who does and you can help. With Pluto in Capricorn there is power in knowing the cosmic rules which will basically remind us we need each other.

I need you and you need me (I hope),
So thanks for writing,
The Cat in the Hat was written and illustrated in 1957 by Dr. Suess who was a Pisces.
All illustrations in this post are from the book, The Cat in the Hat.


4 thoughts on “Pluto in Capricorn: "Have no fear of ths mess," said the Cat in the Hat

  1. Pluto in Cap. has to be at least partway dictatorial; it makes me think most especially of Josef Stalin and with the threat of a global economic collapse which is probably just a ruse anyhow I feel ambiguous. World government perhaps? I hope something gets sorted out of course. On a personal note I hope that as Pluto separates from my IC I get some respite; it’s been a tough couple of years.x

  2. Hi Jeremy, Pluto moving through your 4th house, is digging deep and I think will prove to be the long lasting, and transforming personal investment for which your soul longs in all ways. Thanks for visiting.–just took a peek at Stalin’s chart — pluto in Taurus opposed Mars in Scorpio. gulp.

  3. I have a lot going on in the next 15 years in my chart, and thought it unfair to ask you something that specific and be unable to compensate you appropriately… (no credit card, see?)Great analogy 😉 Your words were very much appreciated.Thanking you, and hoping 2009 started well,R

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