Pluto and Piracy

In the last few months, mainstream news has been reporting on the increase of piracy on the Arabian Sea. Astrologically I think this speaks to the cusp of Sagittarius (expansive adventure), Capricorn (class structure) and the crossing of Pluto (expression of shadow material) between the two.

My concept of pirates was originally a mythical one, based on Dick Deadeye, from Gilbert & Sullivan’s musical, HMS Pinafore. Hearing of the reality of pirates seizing oil tankers in 2008 is as attention grabbing as if mermaids would form an international union as sex workers, the similarity being mythical characters using full power on a massive scale, creating fundamental change in our reality.

Currently, the largest ship ever captured by pirates is still held as highjacked near The Horn of Africa. Viewed from a non-political map, The Horn of Africa neatly fits the geography of The Arabian Peninsula; the disparity of wealth unevenly distributed is not noticeable. But now, the International Maritime Bureau has issued an alert to all sea traffic off the Horn of Africa. “Heavily armed pirates are subjecting vessels to violent attacks while in international waters,” they warn.

This largest ship ever captured by pirates is called Sirius Star. Astrologers who follow fixed stars associate Sirius as the Sun of the Sun, as it is the largest and most brilliant star in the sky. The meaning of Sirius has spanned a broad range of delineations, just as a powerful leader can be projected as a hero and villain. One of the most modern delineations of Sirius is The Higher Self.

As reported by the BBC, one of the Somali pirates on board the Sirius Star tanker, goes by the name Daybad, which may have a meaning in another language, but in English the negative connotation of Bad Day comes to mind, which fits my mythical image of pirate naming, like Deadeye. Although it is not confirmed if Daybad is one person or a collective voice, Daybad spoke to the BBC Somali Service from a telephone on Sirius Star. The BBC reported:

Daybad said the pirates were fully aware of the consequences of their actions, but the lack of peace in Somalia and the plunder of its waters by foreign fishing trawlers had driven them to piracy.”

The voice of Daybad in this quote sounds human, rational and able to conjure some compassion — not a “Higher Self” voice exactly, though one with a broad perspective. But when we think that these frustrated fisherman have just seized a vessel larger than an aircraft carrier with two million barrels of crude oil on board, the scale of danger is expansive beyond what we know (Sagittarius), has effected major industry (Capricorn) and will change (Pluto) how commerce is organized forever.

As Pluto passes through Capricorn during the next 16 years, this example, Sagittarian chaos, piracy and the effect on world business and power, will continue to surface in the news as the issues get sorted (I prey humanitarily). When Pluto gets to the midpoint of Capricorn, Pluto will oppose the fixed star, Sirius. This is like a mega mega Sun – Pluto opposition and reminds us to own our power and no less (also no more). Plagiarism, piracy and pickpocketing, all Plutonian and involve the using of others resources, will become less attractive occupations because in a Capricorn-dominated environment, piracies will gain pirates less power, like a defense shooting a goal for the other team.
But where do mermaids come into the picture you may ask from paragraph two? It started with my thinking about exaggerated gender differences, how a mermaid expresses the power of a woman’s beauty, sexuality and vulnerablity. While the pirates and the tanker owners are sorting themselves out, perhaps sexworkers world-wide will create a Pluto in Capricorn organization, not like OPEC, but more like Greenpeace, to preserve their resources once and for all and forever.


2 thoughts on “Pluto and Piracy

  1. it is probably worth asking Doreen Virtue about what mermaids are doing these days while pirates operate! i’m seriously interested in what she might say actually!

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