Pluto in Capricorn and How You Can Interpret That in Your Chart.

Dear Deirdre,
I am curious about the significance of Pluto changing signs but remaining in the same house. For example, Pluto in Saggitarius has been transiting my first house since 1997-98, and will remain there for many years to come but now in the sign of Capricorn. What can one
expect with that?
Thanks for considering this.

Dear Valerie
When Pluto transits through the first house, I think this parallels a great wish for self transformation.
It may have been that abundance and prosperity (Sagittarius) were accomplished in the last years, and now may not interest you as deeply. It may be that you are much more into very basic, practical spiritual issues in your life.
I find that the solar chart makes a lot of sense to use with this Pluto ingress. For you as a Leo, this means we put Leo where the ascendant is and that means that Pluto was going through your solar 5th since 1995. This would be a coming to terms with your inner child and creativity, like a complete breakdown, maybe there was no creativity for a while, and then it rose from the ashes.
Now Pluto is going into your solar 6th house, which is the house of your day-to-day life. This calls you to be determined to find a life – work – home – health – balance. Pluto often creates an extreme pulling in one area and it is our work to balance drama energy.
Because Pluto is going into Capricorn, you can look at the ruler of Capricorn, which is Saturn, to see how Saturn plays out in your personal chart. Saturn is conjunct your natal Pallas, indicating that sacred knowledge may play a role in your life more and more as you get older.
I also think this is true because Pluto will be conjuncting your natal Vesta in 2010. You probably have been feeling this coming on, but I think this is about your life becoming completely aligned with your spiritual path in every way: from the way you are in your body, to what you wear, to how you move, to what friends you have, to who you want in your life to what you eat etc. This is very thorough.
This is what I see in your chart, does it ring true for you?
Nice to hear from you,


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