Pourin’ on the Aquarius

I have been saving this photo of a stained glass window for Aquarius season, so here it is. Although the Sun is in Pisces, there’s still a party going on in Aquarius. Here’s to the stellium in Aquarius, here’s to Jochen the Aquarius who helped me with all the getting back on line stuff, here’s to Aquarius Sonya, the greatest card reader of former East Germany, here’s to the Neptune-Uranus mutual reception. Aquariuses, I have needed you and I love you! (but don’t worry, I won’t suffocate you).

This weekend the Moon is in Aries conjunct Venus late Friday night and then early in the morning Moon will sextile Mercury and Mars which are building to an exact conjunction.

What this says to me is, the environment is charged, and this feisty Moon can be the spark plug to sparring words. Let’s not waste this on a stupid rebellious fight which could waste our time or hurt other’s feelings. Mercury is words and messages – Mars is agression and war, so we’d be better off devouring a book, going to a poetry slam, writing about war, weapons or aggression or drawing a boot with a spur. It will be easy to pick a fight especially on Sunday and Monday. Moon changes signs to Taurus on Sunday and we may not be likely to change our view. We may dig in our heals if our comforts are denied. Let’s protect creativity and by all means go full throttle into any writing project which may have been on the back burner.

I think we will be happiest and most productive pacing ourselves, (if that is possible in a quirky Aquarius stellium) because Mercury will conjunct Chiron on Wednesday and then conjunct Neptune on Thusday. These Mercury contacts are all of very different energies: on Sunday Mercury-Mars is fast, on Wednesday Mercury-Chiron is deep and Thursday Mercury-Neptune is dreamy. Because Mercury is making these contacts while in Aquarius and thus open for innovative solutions, we can expect an openness of mind and changes or distance in relating to open space for the future. Venus is slowing to her station, a time when we will be reviewing that which we value. The information we gather now will help us continue constructing dreams as works in progress.

Next week, Mercury will be in Pisces, the Moon will be full in Virgo and we will have layers of creative dreams in our hearts to feel, analyze and adjust.For now, while so many planets are in Aquarius, we have lots to enjoy in comeraderie with our brothers and our sisters, coworkers and the groups in which we find ourselves – RIGHT NOW, these groups are teaching us, even if we think we are the teacher, think twice.

Photo of stained glass window in the main Cathedral of Richmond Virginia. Screen shot of Aquarius Stellium in software Io Edition.


10 thoughts on “Pourin’ on the Aquarius

  1. Glad to have you writing again too Deirdre.This past week has been raucous for me dealing with emotions and work progress –whether it my own or my students…. I will try hard to use your advice of avoiding confrontation –as already I have had “feisty” verbal go-arounds. And I can see as how things are going; it will be tough to constrain myself.I am busier than I have been with work in a long time. Pacing myself… Pacing myself… love to you —Joanne

  2. Hi jkali, yes, I can imagine, you Aquariuses have been at focus this season. I think one way through may be to carefully channel the power generated when you feel these spurts or gushes of raucousness. Looking at the alchemy going on with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, as an Aquarius with Uranus your ruler, you are the technology behind hydropower — psychic chaos from others makes green energy for you.

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