Saturn trines Vesta in Taurus: Dedication to Tangible Creations

This weekend, the moon is in Leo — our creativity and individuality come to the fore. There are two energies which could work at cross purposes and the trick will be to pick the less glamorous of the two.

One path leads toward production and a healthy pride in our selves. These aspects are today’s Sun sextile Vesta combined with the slow-moving and sturdy aspect of Saturn trining Vesta. When Sun and Vesta combine, this can boost our ability to focus in the name of our individuality. With Saturn involved, discipline, organization and dedication bring us real results. Use this weekend to work hard, be creative and shine.

Another path, the one that could be working at cross purposes, could lead to disillusionment. This comes in the diguise of glamour. Mars conjuncts Neptune on Sunday. Mars helps us take action and Neptune is not always real but can look good, as well as easy. Neptune rules film and photography as well, so this weekend is particularly suitable to work in these areas. Neptune also rules alcohol, drugs and addiction. Using and creating can lead to false pride as well as other complications.

This weekend we get our most positive results taking a somewhat harder road.

We are building up to a Full Moon in Virgo on Wednesday, when the lights will go up on the details, perhaps with rightful criticism. We have this weekend to give ourselves a real boost, keep us on our tracks and stay connected to our creative pulse.


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