"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" till the Solstice

Once I was telling Emmanuel, my friend from Switzerland who speaks French, about our English phrase, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Emmanuel was thrown off by the binary structure and lack of progression of our love. In French, he said, the structure of their daisy love-forecasting had five phases instead of our two and here they are:

I love you:
1. a little bit
2. a lot

3. passionately
4. like crazy

5. not at all

I think of this story now because we are in the midst of a powerful Venus cycle. This cycle is activating the span from the last degree of Pisces to the first 15 degrees of Aries and covers following timeline:

1. February 2, Venus was at 29° Pisces and entered the retrograde zone
2. March 6, Venus went retrograde at 15° Aries
3. March 27, Venus conjuncts Sun at 7° Aries
4. April 17, Venus will go forward at 29° Pisces
5. May 21, Venus passes 15° Aries leaving 2009 Retrograde zone

Venus refers to what we value in our lives. Often times it is our love, our financial standing, our friends, being pretty and/or having what we want. You may be particulary noticing an area of life highly charged in the moment with beginnings and endings, maybe all are just memories in your mind. I say this because the retrograde often digs up the past. This retrograde is focussing on the cusp between the last degree of Pisces and the first degree of Aries, the edge where the end meets the beginning and this is rare.

You may find this particulary noticeable if you have a friendship or relationship which keeps swimming around in your mind. This goes as well for financial situations, if you are re-negotiating a contract. It even goes for a garden you are designing. It has to do with something you value, which you are fighting over either in reality or in your mind. My advice is watch this cycle, and quietly look for signs around March 27 to see if the universe is giving you a hint of which way things will go. By April 17, our Venus issues will be progressing in a defined direction, and by May 21, I think we will confidently know the the new friends, love and or money/connections and constructions in our lives and feel more stable and at peace as well as set to go.

When Venus leaves the retrograde zone, Mercury will already be retrograde, and Sun will be in the first degree of Gemini. There will still be communication to sort. The Mercury retrograde shadow ends on June 15, I think we can feel sure of our decisions and at that point Venus and Mars will be solid as a rock planted in Taurus. On June 19, the Moon will also be in Taurus. I think that would be a good morning to marry, sign a contract, or make a firm decision you want to last for a long, long time.

Painting by Emmanuel Hungrecker and Deirdre Tanton, Boston, 1994


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