Sign by Sign for Spring

On the first day of Spring, Sun enters the sign Aries, marking the time of new beginnings. One metaphor for endings and beginnings is packing a bag. What do we put back in the bag, what do we toss and what will we need for the next cosmic year? Whether you have the feeling you’re a comin’ or a goin’ or a stayin’ we are all in this together, and so, my cosmic packing tips:

ARIES – You won’t be needing your ego in your suitcase, Aries, but you will be needing patience. If that sounds impossible, know that this is your success formula for getting the new job you want and creating a new public image. If you want people in your office to forget you can throw a fit, then you may find your self in a different public setting, having the chance to identify ego battles before they happen, shift gears and play a cooler roll.

TAURUS – In your bag for this trip, I’d say forget the wallet and live in nature and feel its wealth. Well seriously, a middle road may be a better choice. This season the Mall is not your Temple, just like coffee is not bottomless, but you knew that. You will need sturdy shoes and you will need your friends who will go to bat for you if you let them.

GEMINI – Bring anything light on your subconscious mind, but by all means pack your guts and get out a lot. The world wants to hear what you have to say. I am hoping you will be there when the man on the street asks you for an interview. If it’s possible, practice what you’ll say while you brush your teeth. You don’t want to shock yourself when it all comes out — shocking the world, though, is fine.

CANCER – You can bring the cannisters and measuring cups from your kitchen if you want to. Fill your suitcase with empty compartments. Instead of Flour, Sugar, Teas, Grains and Spices, you may want to label the cannisters Receipts, Cables (for electronic items), Pens (100 of your favorite ones), and condoms if that’s happening. As you are having powerful encounters and engaging deeply with partners, your power is your bottom line. Use this to nourish yourself first.

LEO – I wouldn’t bother bringing sun glasses, but by all means, bring a good pair of reading glasses, the bi-focals if you need them, that way you can read the fine print, which will just end up adding to the confidence you have been building for so long. You may feel tugged and pulled in all directions by partners, families and close friends. Getting them all together in one time zone, and preferably in one room may not be as impossible as you think.

VIRGO – By all means pack the hurdy gurdy — that will get everybody’s butt moving. As you are perched in the hidden nook of your humble construction, the music you play will be the songs that straighten home economics with an outcome no one is expecting, but straighted nonetheless. Your happiest moments may be when you find your hands were creative for what may have seemed like no purpose at all.

LIBRA – Cool as you are, you may leave the coquette, paper hand fan trick behind, but don’t dare close the suitcase without including the folding director’s chair. The “kids in the neighborhood” are making a movie and you are not there to sew the curtains, honey; you are the director. You have the eye, and the connection to each person bearing you the secret of getting the show on the road which may ruffle some feathers. The more you can go headfirst through conflicts, the more solid your foundation will be and the better you will sleep at night.

SCORPIO – What’s that spy kit doing in the secret compartment of your suitcase? Spy kit out; barbells in. A six pack tummy is going to get you the power you crave to manage the unruly and motley individuals invading your spaces. Just as it seems there is no safe place, you may find yourself on the disco dance floor getting all the secret spy info whispered into your ear by your all-time, greatest detective, a first-love and fearless partner.

SAGITTARIUS – I don’t need to tell you how to pack, Sagittarius. Wise man says: If home jacuzzi is noisy, wear ear plugs. Your astrology says, if you find yourself broadcasting live from the bubbly, then you may have found the ultimate home-office. You just happen to be in the tub and have something to say while the microphone is on. Creating airs of the rich and famous, although, not really all that important or your intention, ends up happening anyway.

CAPRICORN – How about packing a magnifying glass in your cosmic suitcase so you can concentrate on the tree instead of the forest. As a particular tree specialist, you may break through any blockade in the self confidence area. Speaking out of turn and getting your driver’s license may help you discover that what you thought were rules are actually boundaries constructed in your favor.

AQUARIUS – Since we won’t have peace if you are without it, do bring your favorite digital device to track projects, stay in communicado and have 24-hour access to banking needs. Being on top of the count and amount of your and anybody else’s resources you manage is your best navigation device now. With all the trips you have made to the nurse’s office the past years, you are now fully present with your most sensitive device, your body.

PISCES – There may be so much cosmic energy tapping your aura, that we’ll be glad if you get outside at all, so just go. It is time to make an impact on the world AND let the world make an impact on you. I think this season you will feel quite at home with your community especially if everyone is migrating to the same philanthropical page. The world needs your energy now, so showing up will help everyone in the end, and may finally help make sense of your self worth and your bank statements.


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  1. Trying to contact you for a reading, but can’t seem to get through on your site. If you are available, you can contact me via e-mail and maybe we could set something up.Barbara

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