Giddy-Up: Horsie’s Movin’ in Fits and Starts

Looking out the window, there is a horse cantering down the street. I don’t think, I jump. Horsie, take me to the corner of 8th and Maple street. There is no time to know there is no moon in the sky. I dismount at First Hatters and bust open the door. I need a hat I say. That red one. I throw down the cash and keep running out the door around the corner brushing people’s annoying sleeves. You could say Excuse me I could and I keep running. I get a text and I cant believe anyone has TIME to text, what a BOTHER. I pass the school, pass the church, pass the grocery store, still no time, run, run, run. I see some people in the park waving at me because the contents of my purse spill out splat I have to stop stuff it back in and race, race, race, thinking about chilly peppers, keeping my hat on, getting the client, repairing that other problem and then this annoying sound it’s my alarm clock:

Wake up its a new Moon in Aries. Exit Piscesland, Enter Aries. I quickly look at the real news on the real internet and find out a manager in France was barricaded in his office by 110 employees who are ANGRY he has MORE. In this energy a smokin’ G20 meeting is around the corner in London, bankers vorwarned It’s casual Thursday, Friday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Wear casual clothing so no one slimes you.

Mars is still in Pisces, is the dream part, the struggle to wake, Venus fights backwards in Aries rules the head therefore the hatshop. New Moon sextiles North Node in Aquarius, therefore the helpful people in the park. Manager barricaded plays Pluto in Capricorn. The spur in the picture is the spark plug of all 360°. Baby it’s impulsive outside but you can light my fire anyway. All systems are go.


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