The Hero in Your Chart is You

Deirdre – I’ve always been curious about astrology, and know nothing and have been reading some of your posts/information. Does the exact day you were born and where the planets were at that time forecast your future? because of the energies of them, or what. How can you predict future events or is it just taking advantage of knowing what you should be taking advantage of at any one time. Is there a good beginner book? So confused….. But reading about it is so convincing.

Dear Lynn
I think of astrology as a cosmic science. When I am on a beach at night and look up at the stars, it’s just breathtaking and beautiful and the moment feels meaningful. For me there is a feeling that we are one: me, you, the stars, the universe, yesterday and tomorrow, too. I know the Moon has an effect on tides and I know our bodies have a lot of water. Emergency rooms are busier at the Full Moons; people’s sleeping patterns can change too. Here is another article which goes into a little more detail on the gravity and magnetism. I found this article through Elsa.
Like you, I have always been curious about astrology, so I have been reading a lot for about 20 years now and the topic feels infinite. The Moon’s cycle is kind of mainstream for us Earthlings, and the Sun cycle is too as we make a big deal of our birthdays, a day when we shine. Most astrologers just push that a little further and look at the cycles of Venus, Mars etc all the way out to Pluto. Lots of astrologers are including new minor planets and asteroids, too. The connection between Greek and Roman mythology and the stars still today give insights on how the orbits of the planets relate to eachother, and so the myths live on.
Our birth charts are diagrams of exactly where the planets are at the moment we take our first breath of life. Often times you can see if the birth was difficult, you can see what talents and potentials are in the chart, it’s really infinite what can be seen, and it is all potential and we have free will to use our talents or not. People often grow into and become more like their charts the older they get, even if they have never seen their chart or been to an astrologer.
A nice first book is Parkers’ Astrology by Julia & Derek Parker published by Dorling Kindersley. This book has been next to my bed or on my kitchen table since 1991. The Parkers are a couple living in England. I have heard that large sections of their books are also ghost written by some very good astrologers, and this could be one reason the book is so rich and varied. Some sections as well do not resonate with me at all, but as far as first books go, this one provides foundation. Other astrologers also recommend: “The Only Astrology Book YouWill Ever Need” by Joanna Matine Woolfolk. I cannot recommend it because I have never read it but astrologers I admire say it’s great.
A good first site is, because there you can cast your chart for free and print it out. Then as you read your first books, you can be referenceing the charts you print out and then the fun gets going. A really great second site is She is a very dynamic, sharp, intuitive and driven astrologer who updates her site almost more often than cnn. Landing on her site is like landing on a moving horse, just to prepare you.
When getting into astrology, beware of the old fashioned astrology predicting doom and gloom. You can find tons of books predicting all kinds of wretched stuff and it’s just not productive. I have read astrology books that scare me and I find that type of astrology these days as unprofessional. It is more modern to look at the person in the chart as a hero rather than as a victim and to look at timing, the way orbits intersect, as a wave to go out there and catch and take action. I think of astrology as sacred knowledge for empowering us in our free will to love fearlessly, and to give us strength to live and own our lives.
Have fun with all this, Lynn, I hope this gives you a start,

Photograph by Jose Suro,


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