A Tense Sky Inspects The Strength of Security

If you happen to see the moon in the sky later today, it is a waxing quarter moon in the sign Cancer. Let seeing the Moon remind you to be the designated driver in all senses of the word for the next few days. The sky is stressed — and considering “as above so below” we are stressed too. I find the image of a bridge inspiring. Some bridges seem impossible to make. But in the end, bridges can be so lovable and are a highlight in every journey “Wake up everybody, we’re going over a bridge!” Imagine being part of the engineering team or construction team, I don’t think every day went by like a dream. Same in our relationships. If you feel a crisis coming on ask yourself which bridge is being tested, look and see what you can do to make the bridge safer.
I am talking about the Venus–Pluto square, the Mars–Saturn opposition, Pluto about to turn retrograde, Venus about to turn forward and a quarter moon today which could act like a trigger for all of the above, but it doesn’t have to. A waxing quarter moon may bring a turning point, but not yet a culmination, in what was begun at the new moon, which was last Thursday, March 26. Sometimes the turning point may bear a sense of working through a small crisis and in the sign Cancer we are particularly sensitive to our families and sensitive around security.
Venus and Pluto are moving so slowly compared to their normal orbit speed and it is because they are both about to stop and turn in two different directions. Venus and Pluto. Venus likes to be pleasant pretty and sexy and have her own money. Pluto likes to be powerful and sexy and have the say in what happens with everybody’s money. The aspect between them is a square which feels to me unspoken and grinding. If you find yourself in a hard talk about money or jealousy, I am sorry, this is a hard time for that. We may feel the other person is playing dirty, maybe they are or maybe we can’t get out of a paranoid feeling or a stuck dynamic or power game. Even if you are a guy you may feel like a daughter trying to get a credit card from Dad.
The Venus-Pluto square hooks into the Mars-Saturn opposition because Venus is in Aries which is ruled by Mars and Pluto is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. So the dispositors of the Square are in an opposition and may very well engage in an active face off. Don’t ask for a raise today or tomorrow. Yesterday the boss at the newspaper told me that his boss wanted to strike my part-time position and in the same breath he let me know that he fought for me, explaining that I am an integral part of the production. In this stormy energy I felt glad to have the position still, and I thanked him for fighting for my part. Now I know to follow this trail: a Mars-Pluto square on April 26, the next Venus-Pluto square on May 2. The first day of Summer looks interesting too because Venus and Mars are conjunct trining Saturn. What we are struggling with now may change into a completely different or more solid structure in three months. So it’s important to keep picturing the bridge between ourselves and the people in our lives as well as between now and where we want to go.

This is why I suggest, when the stars are stressed like they are for the next couple or few days, “The Four Agreements” might help a little:

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word,
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

I think if any conflicts do come up this first week in April, their greater purpose is to work through overcoming any inertia or avoidance which may have been brewing. The feeling may be I am building a bridge and how can I do this when my budget is cut, or my team is sick, or we are fighting among ourselves. There are unknown possibilities on the other side of the bridge and in the best case we can use the potential for disharmony as motivation for solidifying structures which keep us safe and able to get to the otherside.

Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “A Tense Sky Inspects The Strength of Security

  1. Maybe we can think of our trines and sextiles in our birth charts as bridges that are available for us when our squares and oppositions are activated. The up-side of our current challenges is that they force us to be creative and find our inner bridges. My Scorpio wife sometimes unconsciously holds her breath when we are crossing a long bridge over water.

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