29° Pisces: Ideal of Greatness by Deirdre Tanton

The Planet Venus retrogrades back into Pisces and digs in her heals at 29° for the next twelves days until April 24th. Venus is associated with love, and things we value like for instance money, food and clothing. Venus can also be luxury, whatever that is to us. Venus is pleasant and in Pisces she is pleasant to everyone — to the sick, to the poor to celebrities and their little dogs, too. Venus in Pisces is an open heart and especially after just having spent some time in Aries, Venus is naive. Venus in this mood is looking in the mirror tweaking her hair, her toe nails, getting her perfume just right and listening to her favorite music. There is a feeling of endless time so rushing is not necessary. If she wants her hair different there is surely enough time to wash it again, and plug in the curling iron to make one curl just so exactly where she wants it. On the 17th, Venus will give herself one last wink in the mirror and step out on the promenade feeling so comfortable and settled in who she is, and move forward. Here once again is the meaning of the degree 29 Pisces “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness; as he grows up, he begins to look like it.”
Because it is Venus at 29° definately we can change the protagonist to a girl or a woman and imagine our ideals of greatness and then look like it. Greatness can be anything, it is what we value, like having our families be together, getting a pet, having a driver, recording a cd or designing an addition to our houses. It can be having command in our carreer, getting our ideal client or job or going into retirement, too. The sky is the limit. It is important to remember that an ideal of greatness is very individual. If we dont have a sense of what that is for us as individuals, meditation or stream of conscious writing can help and this is cosmically an easy time for that. Sometimes it’s scary to imagine what we want, usually because it means other things would change and maybe someone would get mad, disappointed or laugh. Jump over that and include those other people content in their situations helping the change.
A lot of people have been having serious adjustments in their relationships. Some people have let go of an ideal and not because they wanted too, but because it was too painful to keep trying. Venus will re-enter Aries again on the 24th of April. The meaning of the first degree of Aries is: “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.” My impression is we can know in advance that there are people who love us and will hold us in our fears. This is the reward for striving toward greatness.

For more details on 29° Pisces see an older post of mine here.


2 thoughts on “29° Pisces: Ideal of Greatness by Deirdre Tanton

  1. I have read all of your posts and I think I understand what Venus is doing, I hope I have the strenght to follow Venus down the path.Keep telling us lost souls that there’s hope at the other side of the tunnel, we need it so.Happy Easter

  2. Hi Alecs, Okay — I will do my best! I think that better than hope is faith, where we can firmly beleive in ourselves. Venus retro is a time of reviewing love, its the kind of wave that looks like it wold be good to catch, but old surfers don’t bother with it because they dont want to get caught in a strange part of the coastline around the corner. I have faith in you! Love, Deirdre

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