My Brother and his Ceres in Taurus Voice by Deirdre Tanton

My brother Carter is in the middle of his Saturn Return and he is accomplishing a lot. As an Aries, he has just had his solar return during all this delicious astrology happening now with the Venus, Mars and Uranus part lining up in his 9th house. This is the part of the chart that has to do with going further than you usually go, learning beyond what you normally know and laughing along the way. Natally my brother has his Sun as well as Chiron conjunct Ceres in Taurus also in the 9th house too. Expanding his horizons is familiar territory for Carter.

Carter is finishing up recording his most recent album in Chicago, and then off on a world tour supporting his friend Marissa. Part of what makes this so nice for both of them is they are so used to having sound checks, performing, traveling, EVERYTHING all alone and now they are traveling together for a while.

Whereas I find Marissa’s work reminiscent of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, Carter’s direction is more toward a Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen. I dont have Marissa’s chart (yet) but of course I have my brothers. If you think about Chiron conjunct Ceres in Taurus in the 9th, that’s a voice with authority, coming from the divine, Venus in Gemini lyrics wafting around mysteries of initiation, dirges and love.

I cant wait until Marissa and Carter are in Hamburg later in May. I went to Marissa’s solo show last year in Hamburg and that venue was shimmering at the end of the night. The pairing of these two musicians, it comes to my mind is like the Jupiter, Neptune Chiron conjunction in Aquarius which is exact all during their tour. No wonder they havn’t performed together until now.


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