Baby Girl New Moon

Hi Deirdre,
Guess what — my brother and his wife just had another baby.
Will you please do the chart of his second daughter?
Thanks, Paul

Baby Girl New Moon
by Deirdre Tanton

On the day this baby was born, the Moon and the Sun were in the same place in the afternoon sky. This is called a New Moon. Those who are born right at the New Moon may love beginnings, such as birth, for example; here is a little girl who truly wanted to be born. And with a Sun and Moon Taurus, she will thoroughly enjoy cuddling, massage and lying in bed with the whole family — this is the first and foremost immediate reason for coming to Earth!

This baby is an individual born into an established group, a dynamic which may recur over and over in her life, in school and in work (North Node in Aquarius in the 5th). She may feel very much feel like an individual (South Node in Leo) who needs a team (all personal planets on the western side of the chart) and the challenge will be to adjust to different situations in the interplay (to balance the Node axis). She may especially talk with her father (Saturn on the first house) about “give and take” and she will strive to see and learn the fair (Mercury in the 9th house of justice) solution from him, although this may be serious (Saturn) and challenging (Saturn retrograde, karmic lessons).

Playing dress-ups will be very fun (Mutable Virgo Ascendant). Most coveted accessories could be a bridal veil (Sabian Symbol for 11+ Virgo Ascendant is the bride degree), transparent scarves and long pieces of material to wrap like a sari. She may really enjoy the difference between being covered with a veil and then revealing herself – much like peek a boo. Once she reveals who she is, she will experience being born again, and starting anew (New Moon in 8th house of transformation).

As a girl and later a woman, she may merge toward a pure kind of Jill Sander (Virgo pure minimalism) look in just whites or creams or black, but always the gesture of going from cloaked to revealing her inner self (the veil theme), will have great meaning with the timing (Saturn) carefully considered (Sun in Taurus in the 8th).

Shecould at some point be timid about her beauty (Saturn in Virgo retrograde on the ascendant), questioning and a little doubtful, although of course this has nothing to do with her appearance. Having a full-sized mirror in her room may help with confidence (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter triple conjunction). You may want to remind her that it is perfect not to be perfect.

She is no doubt extremely and passionately creative (Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries conjunct Uranus in Pisces) with a love of getting out paints and crafts and energetically splashing around with warm, sunny (Venus and Mars in Aries) glowing colors. This is a force that must come out rather impulsively (Uranus) and quickly and she may not want anyone getting in her way (Pluto squares Venus, Mars and Uranus).

She will love it when her Mom bakes (Sun and Moon in Taurus). I think she will be a big, consistent fan of her Mom’s most conservative, least freaky recipes (Moon in Taurus). Try as much variation as possible, yet it could be she will have only a certain favorite repertoire (Moon in Taurus, also fixed sign).

I think she would love it if your household does big grocery shopping trips and a meal plan gets posted for the week (Moon in Taurus in the 8th, fixed, knowing in advance is security). She would love knowing consistently that Tuesday is chile, Wednesday is chicken, etc.

As she gets older her interest in food for its nutritional value (Saturn in Virgo) may increase. She may be very interested in grain (Ceres in Virgo in subconcious 12th house of dreams, pre-natal memories and experiences). A soothing day for her would be to go for a drive on a country road and see fields of wheat growing in wide fields (12th house meditation for a Taurus feeling good in abundance).

She may like a family vacation to a farm where she could work planting herbs and organic vegetables (Sun, Moon and Ascendant in earth signs especially Taurus). She will love the garden. Even this year while she is so small I think she will enjoy trips to go strawberry picking or being held standing in a garden admiring tomatoes, birds and nature in general.

Welcome to Earth, Baby Girl New Moon.


4 thoughts on “Baby Girl New Moon

  1. Cool blog, Deirdre!This little girl is a real powerhouse, as evidenced by the New Moon trine Pluto. I have found that helpful aspects from transiting Pluto coincide with the greatest success in sports. Saturn conjunct the ascendant will leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence.

  2. Thanks for your insight around Little Miss Powerhouse! — especially you who seems to be an astrolgy sports specialist, very cool. I forwarded your insight to the parents so they can beam some more.

  3. My young Taurus son and I were recently driving through the countryside when he remarked that cows have a wonderful life because all they have to do is eat, sleep and rest. He thought it might be nice to be a cow until I asked him if he knew how the story ends. “As steak on my plate, he asked? Maybe I’m better off as I am!

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