A Full Moon, From Suffering To Enjoyment by Deirdre Tanton

A cosmic and spiritual highlight happening now is the Full Moon in Scorpio which will be exact on Saturday, May 9. According to the Farmers Almanac, the name of this full moon is Full Flower Moon, named originally by Native Americans. According to Buddhist tradition, this is the Wesak moon, which is celebrated as Buddha’s birthday, enlightment and death. Featured are photographs of lanterns, incense, altars and shrines of Wesak celebrations from around the world.

I am not a pure Buddhist at all, although I like everything about Bhuddism I read and know. What I like about Wesak Moon is it helps to concentrate on this intense energy and keep ego to the side.

Posts ago I wrote about the different phases of the Venus retrograde. We are now at the end of the last shadow period. From February until now, we have been tuning in to our values, friendships and relationships. All kinds of people showed up! What is important and what is not? It feels different now compared with February, doesnt it? I think it is starting to get clearer around who is supporting us and who are we supporting, I mean energetically. It’s interesting for us astrologers seeing that a Mercury retrograde is following right on the heals of a Venus retrograde. To me its like the cosmos opens a space for us to reflect — and reflect long, hard, vigorously and deeply. This full moon is like a big long comma between two long phrases, the kind of comma that really brings you to another place.

Mercury just did go retrograde yesterday in Gemini. During this week while Mercury moves so slowly, just one degree, look for signs leading us to support. Then for the following two weeks when Mercury passes back into Taurus, this will be the time to put the finishing touches on the spring season which has been all about planning an approach.

According to Buddhist tradition, one ritual for the Wesak moon is to release a caged animal. This ritual is a magical act to open ourselves up, to become psychologically or emotionally free of any clinging or dark thoughts that plague our minds and keep us gripping so tightly to the past. We can go beyond these perceived and limiting views of ourselves. A best kind of friend can hold space for these fears and witness us opening to solid, comfortable, self esteem and to trusting our lives. May this deep Full Moon in Scorpio shine the light on our transformations and move suffering energy toward an enjoyment which nourishes us.

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.
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