A Door Opens to Summer of Eclipses by Deirdre Tanton

Although we have a month to go, I consider eclipse season to be in full swing now. The June 8 lunation opened a door to some specific geometry: 17°+ Sagittarius was the June 8th Full Moon. The July 7th full moon will be at 15°+ Capricorn and it will be an eclipse, too. Being so close in degree, these full moons will both effect charts sensitive at the mid-degrees, a port of entry for the first in a triplet of eclipses this summer.

Looking at a list of eclipses between 1980 and 2020, seventy-five percent of summers have one pair of eclipses on just one axis. This summer is now in the twenty-five percent and has three eclipses on two axes. From what I see, usually when three eclipses occur in a summer, this pattern will repeat every other year three times. This means the summers of 2009, 2011 and 2013 (when Pluto is in early Capricorn) will have have three eclipses each on two different axes, as did 1998, 2000 and 2002 (when Pluto was in early Sagittarius), as well as 1980, 1982 and 1984 (when Pluto was in early Scorpio). It started to be a tidy geometric package, and then I noticed 1991 was a irregular, isolated summer of three eclipses and it had the nodes freshly in a new sign. Besides 1991, the eclipse pattern I am diagramming seems to roughly parallel Pluto’s ingress into a sign. As I stated in a previous post about eclipses, I notice that eclipses start to get clumped together during times of rapid and accelerated change.

The way I started to understand the feeling of eclipses was in the years 2006 – 2008, the years when the eclipses were spanning the Virgo – Pisces axis. I had heard about the eclipse dimension before, but it wasnt until the eclipses being in my sun sign that I got sensitive to it. Since then it doesn’t matter what sign the eclipses are in, I look forward to the dimension like getting to read a new favorite book. Eclipses turn the wheel of fate and are integral to altering the general plot. On the days around eclipses, do what you feel comfortable and safe and enjoy doing, because what you are doing may start to be a big topic for the next six months or year. Lunar eclipses help us let go and solar eclipses help us open up. This summer, the pattern is let go – open up – let go. It’s always good to let go of fear — a kind of clean sweep so we can open to love. The eclipses are in the signs Capricorn, Cancer and Aquarius. If your sun or personal planets are in any of those signs or in Leo as well, I wonder if you may start to feel what I am talking about. July 7 will be a full moon lunar eclipse at 15° Capricorn; July 22 will be a new moon total solar eclipse at 29° Cancer and August 5 will be another full moon lunar eclipse at 13° Aquarius.

Spring 2009 was a time of retrogrades. Relationships may have ended or at least been up for reflection, review, or a bit of chaos. This may now be firming up to some solid footing as Venus and Mars move toward conjunction at 15° Taurus (there’s those mid-degrees again) on the first day of summer, the Northern Solstice. After so much deliberation all spring long, it’s time to catch the waves of change in the coming summer of three eclipses. Stay aware, steer the course and enjoy the ride.


7 thoughts on “A Door Opens to Summer of Eclipses by Deirdre Tanton

  1. This is interesting. I've been thinking alot about eclipses lately.My midpoint Moon/Júpiter is at 15º Capricorn…Mercury –> 27º CancerSun –> 16º LeoI don't know what to expect. Let's wait and see, I guess!

  2. I have 18-degree natal Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer. This Lunar eclipse in Capricorn at 15-degree shall take place in my 2nd house making almost polar position with my natal Jupiter and Sun. So, Light in the both worlds of my 2nd and 8th Houses.

  3. Thank you for the heads up on this series of eclipses. I'm watching out for the 3rd lunar eclipse on 5 August as it is right on my natal Sun at 13 Aqu opp my natal Uranus at 14 Leo. With natal Merc and Chiron nearby (just had my Chiron return) and my Asc at 17 Cap (DC 17 Can) near to the first eclipse, looks like I'm in for a FUN summer….

  4. Rossa, Imagine that whatever in your life is not working as ideally as you want is up for change to support you even better. Enjoy, Deirdre

  5. I hadn't given much thought to these eclipses, until I saw this piece. Then something clicked. Maybe my inability, at this time, to say more is related to the solar eclipse exactly conj my natal Moon. Thanks, Dierdre.I was moved to look it up in my Jim Maynard Astrologer's Datebook, where it says, "This is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century." Wow! Why is that, I wonder?

  6. Hi Deirdre, enjoyed this very informative post!On the relationship front, I will report that my marriage has improved quite a lot in the past few months, during the Venus retrograde and since. To quote Paul McCartney, "Venus and Mars are alright, tonight"!

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