Sunday the Sun; Monday the Moon

When a season changes from one to the next, the sun is passing over the angles of all of astrology. If you are an astrologer, have you ever met someone whose Sun is conjunct your Nadir? to translate this into non-astrology language, have you ever met someone where food, nurturing and a kind of parental taking care of each other came to light? This is the feeling of the northern solstice: when Sun meets the northern angle, security become a priority as does nourishment. Issues of parenting arise. What makes the solstices since 2008 so powerful is that Pluto is sitting on the southern angle. With Sun opposing Pluto, a reminder for the first day of summer is to be aware of our own powers and resources and to own them as they are the root of our security.

When the sun passes from Gemini to Cancer, this is the moment summer in the northern hemisphere begins. The climate changes from conceptual experience to nurturing safety, like the difference between analyzing a conceptual composition of the painter Morandi, to collapsing into comfort in the domestic still lives of Cezanne. This pair of paintings came to my mind as I thought of think of the change of seasons. As well, both paintings are constructed from clear lighting. Shadow, like in the Pluto opposition, is not denied.

On this year’s solstice Sunday, Sun is conjunct asteroid Vesta both at 0° Cancer. At the moment of the Sun’s ingress, Moon is in Gemini, and will trine the Jupiter – Chiron – Neptune triple conjunction later in the day. On New Moon Monday, Moon ingresses Cancer as well, creating a second triple conjunction: Sun – Moon – Vesta. Both triple conjunctions are in an out-of-sign trine. With intentions set on nurturing and being nurtured by community, this solstice ushers in a time when we can start trends we want to follow. The rituals of sharing a meal with people important to us may help maintain focus through the Autumnal equinox..

It is a good time to tend to the root of security in our lives. We can devote ourselves to our friends and family, protecting them from all threats and dangers and focus our intentions on providing emotional safety and robust sustenance. Over this coming weekend, have a happy first day of summer, the longest day of the year.


5 thoughts on “Sunday the Sun; Monday the Moon

  1. people who share the same living quarters often have planets conjunct the angles of one another's charts. All of this activity around the solstice points makes for a lot of significant events on a global scale. All of these points are among the most sensitive to planetary influence.

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