Sign-by-Sign Mantras for the Eclipse

Here’s to security, belonging, care and nurturing during this eclipse for us Earthlings and a mantra for each sign:

ARIES – I belong.

TAURUS I am understood.

GEMINI – I shine increasing confidence with every breath I take.

CANCER – I have everything I need inside of me already.

LEO – I am all love.

VIRGO I have friends and community and we are a tribe.

LIBRA – I am important.

SCORPIO – I am weightless, free of heavy burdens.

SAGITTARIUS – I am in the light always (and I learned that in the dark).

CAPRICORN – I am an equal partner, relating to people, they relating to me. I am not alone.

AQUARIUS – I radiate excellent health.

PISCES – I am joyful.


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