Mercury Dials Up The Triple Conjunction

On Thursday, July 30, just before 7:00 am Eastern Time, when Mercury opposes Jupiter, Moon in Scorpio will square both sides of the opposition creating a T-square. Seven hours later, when Mercury opposes Chiron, Moon will still be in Scorpio, still creating a T-square. Then early Friday morning, when Mercury opposes Neptune, Moon will have shifted from Scorpio to Sagittarius. When Mercury is involved, you can be sure there will be a lot of talk. And when Moon is in Scorpio I often feel a vibe. For example I can be in a car with my friend, but I may be very aware that my friend owns the car, even if we are laughing and being silly, there is a vibe and an undertow.

My impression of Mercury opposing this triple conjunction, is we have the chance to catch ourselves at telling lies, if we want to. I think this because of the secretive veil Scorpio can cast. As Mercury opposes Jupiter there can be a lot of talk, maybe too much talk, maybe even a fake kind of optimism. As Mercury opposes Chiron someones words may strike a chord. “Ouch!” When we notice what makes us flinch, this is when the moment of awareness opens us up for honesty. We may notice our own addictions and we may notice what we wish were not at the surface of our psychology.

On Friday when Mercury opposes Neptune, twe may sense a kind of fine-tuning to ourselves, to our partners, to our children and our friends. With the moon in Sagittarius, there can be a boisterousness which has a hard time masking lies, and the truth can be set free.

As we go into the weekend, we may feel heartened by our own honesty, when Venus enters Cancer and opposes Pluto. We may want to be with true, deep and honest company, to experience the richness of friendship, love and true connection.


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