Slip into Your Creative Director Shoes

It may be hard to know exactly which transit has recently had the most impact on our lives. It could very well be the big Solar Sclipse of July 22, or the Lunar Eclipse from August 6, or all of this with the triple conjunction in Aquarius or that we are in shock at Pluto’s being comparatively freshly new in reality-driven Capricorn. Or maybe it has been just one teeny tiny sesquiquadrate between two yet-to-be-discovered dwarf planets. In whatever case, for many of us, even in very subtle ways, our lives have taken on a new cast. We may be looking for a job or struggling to keep a job, we may be starting a new chapter outside of a relationship, or we may feel as if we are in a small row boat way out at sea reeling in a fish that is quite a reel of a project.

On August 10, there will be an exact square between Mars and Saturn. Mars is in Gemini, and Saturn is in Virgo. When two planets are in square, they are trying hard to make something or do (Mars) something which for some reason is not easy — will get done but not without sweat. There is also the feeling in a square of turning a corner, just as in a literal sense when we walk around the corner of a building for the first time in a new city, if we are curious (Gemini) we kind of crane our necks to see what the heck is around the corner of the building, so we keep walking.

When the Mars – Saturn square is exact this Monday, Sun will be in Leo at 19°, the degree on which Mars goes retrograde in December. What I find so important about this Leo Season (specifically July 22 – August 10 the first 19 degrees of Leo), is that it is a small sneak preview into a larger project. This winter we all have a lot of energy to move. Mars will be going retrograde in Leo, which may feel like no energy is moving at all sometimes. This corresponds to normal phases in a project when we can get stuck, need to re-meet, re-group, re-think and take a new strategy.

I think that what we are working on right now, is going to expand like a big accordion, opening space with many compartments. In the winter we will be creating (Mars in Leo) a new creative structure in our lives. If you have a calender, write down what you are doing these days, notice the common threads and be thinking like a fearless, creative, dashing director. If you are not naturally like this, think of a Leo you know who loves to be on stage and be cruise director.

Today as Moon slips into Pisces its a good day to slip into some one’s shoes, so pick a Leo and if you don’t know any, then pick a creative director from an agency who you admire, or pick a Mom who you admire how she is with her kids or pick an artist who you admire how they work. We can apply this energy to whatever we are trying to work out around the weekend and around the 10th of August. I think this will help for the winter when its cold and we are gathered around the fire wanting progress in creating our lives.

For more details, here is another post around the Mars retrograde.


One thought on “Slip into Your Creative Director Shoes

  1. what a great post, deirdre. i'm thinking a lot these days about resources…my saturn is in Leo, 8th House (i also have a Sun/Mercury/Chiron squaring it in my 5th). i'm re-working my feelings of lack and this post gave me a lot of food for thought, so thanks:)

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