The Memory of Everything

The keywords that come up in my mind for today’s astrology are:

1. Sun sextile Mars: Activity, motion, and low body fat. 24°
2. Mercury conjunct Saturn: The sober memory of everything. 21°
3. Sun opposed Neptune: An offer which could dissappear. 25°
4. Mars trine Neptune: Uncharacteristically, a double feature. 25°

When Mercury conjuncts Saturn, there is something to learn as in you can take the words and put them in your head. I have noticed in charts where people are born with Mercury conjunct Saturn, that they have extremely good memories. They archive.

With Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer, this means the Moon is one sign behind and so hidden from the Sun, a 12th house aspect. Sun opposing Neptune is imagination at best. but I would say use the video function on your phone or get out your camcorder and make a movie of the day, its a way to document the illusion to turn it into “The Sober Memory of Everything”


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