Up on the Horizon: Saturn in Libra

A new gigantic ring brought our attention to Saturn last week, just as Saturn is about to enter Libra on October 29, 2009. Saturn will make a brief visit to Virgo again this coming Spring from April 7, until July 2010, after which Saturn will stay in Libra until October 4, 2012, and then it will enter Scorpio.

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus and has to do with relating, looking nice, and being pleasant as well as avoiding conflict, a dislike of solitariness, and sometimes a not saying or not knowing one’s point of view. Because Saturn is exhalted in Libra, Saturn will be able to function optimally in this environment for the next few years. This speaks of a new phase of clarity and justice in our relationships which could lead us to our ultimate relational tasks, of taking responsibility for how we relate. The new giant ring triggered my imagination and I saw a wedding ring – a giant wedding ring, one that symbolizes taking responsibility for the space we energize, no showing off here.

This week, Tuesday, October 13th, is astrologically eventful. At 6:34 in the morning Central European Time, Jupiter will finally move his big body forward in Aquarius after having been stationary since June 15. The Winds of Aquarius are now energizing us as a tribe, suggesting we look out for the little guy and the odd man out and strive for innovative solutions in our future.

Later on the same day, at 12:51 pm, Venus will conjunct Saturn at 28° Virgo. Today the advice around money and friends is to remember that fears can block out love and to label the glass half full. This is the day before the last day of Mercury’s retrograde shadow period. We may get an important message that has to do with an unfinished topic that has been hanging since August or September.

Late Wednesday night actually just after midnight, Venus will enter Libra, a place where Venus loves to be. We can think of Venus as opening up Libra for the Saturn season.

During the two years that Saturn is in Libra, whenever Venus goes into Capricorn, Saturn and Venus will be in mutual reception. These may be times when we will find it easier than usual to define the forms of our relationships and we may want to remind ourselves of the giant ring around Saturn, the one about taking responsibility for the space we energize.

Venus will next be in Capricorn from December 25, 2009 until January 18, 2010.


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