Venus Freaks Silently

I made some Venus guidelines for this week’s freak out, in case you are freaking out. If we can just hold out till the New Moon in Libra on Sunday and not freak, but maybe that’s impossible. Venus is conjuncting Saturn. My Gemini friend had to endure a relationship talk with out any wine and she was miserable. My Libra friend is boiling to get the house in her name. My Taurus friend wrote the world’s most beautiful love letter. My Pisces friend wont turn on her cell and her Aries Sun Gemini Moon boyfriend is going ballistic. We are craving Form and Function! Can’t we all just function reasonably ask Venus and Saturn deep in the heart of Virgo-ville. But we dont just want tidy structure damit, we will die for a titanium Yes. Dont just like my paintings, love them says the artist who is suffering for her commisioner. Die, I say, as Venus goes on to square Pluto otherwise known as Hades. Hades had a hat that could make him turn invisible. And that’s good enough reason to freak. But will he find out?


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