Farewell, Mars in Cancer, See You August 3, 2011

Mars, the planets that helps us get in and out of bed, over to the gym and fight for our right to party is changing signs and pumping up the volume tomorrow, and especially if you are a Leo, I think you will certainly notice, because Mars is going into your sign until June. We can be thinking of the way this will be playing out in three acts:

Act I – October 16 – Dec 19 – Full speed ahead!
Act II – December 19 – March 9, 2010 – Slow, Moe!
Act III – Mar 10 – June 6 – Go for Gold to the Finish!

In the mean time we can spend today feeling sentimental with Mars at the 29° water’s edge. Also, Venus is now at 1° Libra, the square to Pluto is beyond peak and separating. It was a very active few days recently, wasnt it? Today I found this drawing I had done a while ago but it seemed to express today. There is that feeling of going to the beach at night and wanting to solve all the worlds problems. With Venus square Pluto what’s in her bag? Why is she giving a gold coin to a bird? That’s a Venus – Pluto mystery, a triangle with the fish. Off in the distance a sail boat reminds us that journeys begin and end. This woman has joy in her step dancing with her gold coin, nature and the stars.

You can read more on what I wrote about Mars’ upcoming adventure in Leo. The first post describes the retrograde period, and the second post makes a connection between what happend for us in August 2009 and how it shows some foreshadowing of the coming Mars in Leo season. retrograde.


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