Venus conjuncts Pallas: Beauty Strategy

Around the corner from where I live is a dressmaker’s shop which has such dreamy windows. Inside are very serious dressmakers working so concentratedly. They never wave. Every time I walk past this shop, which is a lot because it’s two stores before the bakery, I always look in but try not to catch eye contact because it’s awkward! I am such an American hillbilly in this way, and Germans tend to follow the rule “Only Say Hi To People You Already Know”.

This speaks to me of the cusp between Libra and Scorpio. Libra is a social sign and highly influenced by aesthetics, too. Scorpio has a thing about eye contact, like if you are going to have it, you better win.

Sun will remain in dressmaking Libra until this Friday, so we have a few more days to catch the Libra dress for beauty success vibe, especially tomorrow, when Venus conjuncts Pallas at 8° degrees Libra. Venus in Libra can help us have better taste than usual and Pallas can help us with the strategy. Notice the weave of the fabric and how it drapes on your body. What jewelry matches to give us that cool and strong appearance. Late this evening Moon goes into Sagittarius. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Sagittarian moon will sextile the Venus-Pallas conjunction. It will be a great day to spontaneously (Sagittarius) drop into a favorite dress shop (Libra) and see whats on the rack. If it looks fantastic, get it, because if you don’t buy it, someone else will!

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