Astrology, Always There For Us (even when it feels like others are not)

A mother wrote to me about her daughter, Phoebe, who is 12 years old, asking me to do a reading for her. She said Phoebe has just changed schools and has a lot of change going on in general so she was wondering if there is anything I could see that will help support her during this transitional time. I wrote Phoebe’s mother back and forth and got more of a sense of the changes. Then we agreed that I would write a horoscope directly to her daughter and this is what I wrote:

Dear Phoebe,
Your mom told me you are settling into a new school, and thought maybe this is a good time to do an astrology reading for you and look into the cosmos to see what is supporting you. What I want to do in this letter is explain some of your chart to you. I am including your chart with a list of the symbols so you can start to get an idea of how your chart is set up. There is a focus on a place in your chart called the 1st house, so I have included the same snapshot of your 1st house four times, so that while you are reading, you look at the picture for reference. I have also included a couple paintings to inspire your imagination.

An Introduction To Your Chart
In general, an astrology chart is a circle and if you imagine, the earth is in the middle and around the circle are the Sun, placed in Pisces where it was when you were born, as well as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I also include four asteroids: Pallas, Ceres, Juno and Vesta – because they are goddesses and it’s always nice to have goddess around us : )

Do you see in your chart how a lot of planets are bunched up in one place? Like if the circle was a clock, I mean right around between where 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock are? This is the part of the astrology chart that describes personality, first impressions of us, our physical body and our sense of our own identity.

It is rare to have so many planets squinched together at all, and when it happens, it emphasizes an area of life very much. As I explained, the area where all these planets are is about your personality your body and your identity. I have seen some charts where people have planets bunched up like this but in a different part of their chart – it could be about money, or food, or animals, or houses or books, but in your chart it is about your personality, your body and your sense of who you are.

This is why I have taken some time to write especially to YOU about this – because I think that you, Phoebe, can get a lot of understanding from astrology and it can be one of many tools to help you understand the wonderful mysteries of yourself.

What it means to have SO MANY planets where you do, Phoebe, is there is a LOT of Phoebe to discover, cherish, protect and honor! I mean for you, your personality has many, many levels, and a lot of depth. It may be helpful for you to know that with a chart like yours this could give you a natural sense of your uniqueness which other people do not have and helps you to always in your life develop a very unique Phoebe “Signature”. I want to emphasize it doesn’t make you more special than anyone else. I say this because we are all special – and it is a burden to think in terms of special, but I want you to know that a talent you may well have is that you have a very unique sense of style of being a person.

Each of the planets in the bunched up area have such different characteristics, and they are in the area of the chart which describes you. You have a lot of tools that you can quickly whip out when you need them – beauty, intelligence, humor, artistic-ness, creativity, compassion, story telling, general zaniness and more – I am sure you could surprise me, other people and even your self with all the tools you have at hand!

Phoebe’s Stellium of Planets in the 1st House
I will try to describe what I mean. I will list all the planets which are bunched up and describe how they can add to your sense of who you are. It’s a grab bag, but in this case you get all the bags. The word we use in astrology when all the planets are bunched up is called a Stellium. And the place where this is placed in your chart is called the 1st house. So the effect is a very sparkling personality.

Pallas Athena
At the moment you were born, the goddess asteroid Pallas Athena was right at the most sensitive part in your chart, called the Ascendant. What this means in astrology is, that you may give the impression to other people that you have the characteristics of this goddess. Who was Pallas Athena you might want to know? Well, she was a very strong, intelligent and very beautiful woman. She always had a Strategy for everything – for her life as well as for her thoughts, creativity and artwork. She had a special talent to see patterns – visual patterns as well as people’s patterns. Where this is in your chart means other people might see this in you better than you can see it in your self. Another very magical part of Pallas Athena is when she was born she was in a complete set of armor. If we look at the poetry in this it means she was born being able to defend herself. But again, just from the astrology perspective, other people may be able to see this better than you. The reason I write this is there may be times in your life when people see you as stronger than themselves (you may not know or disagree) and they might think you have the power in the situation. You may or may not know! The positive part of this is you have reserves of strength available to you in your life. You can nurture your ancient ability to defend yourself not just by learning self defense like martial arts, but also with crafts because Pallas Athena is also the goddess of weaving and metal work. If you were ever able to take a class in weaving I think you might feel very, very good. Probably in many past lives you were a master weaver, so this can be a way to tune into the lineage of you self confidence in your ancient past – even if its making potholders on a small loom or luxurious fabric on a big jacquard loom, either way, the thought involved (over… Under… Over… Under…) in this kind of creating could be very peaceful meditative and powerful for you.

With metalworking there is jewelry making, sculpture – or even stained glass because of the soldering involved in the metal around the edges. Anytime you can take a class or learn any of these skills from anyone I think it might be very fulfilling, good for self confidence and at the very least, very interesting for you. Plus it’s always good for us to make contact with all the selfconfidence we have built from past lives because this makes us strong – and in your case as strong as people see you anyway.

I am sure you know this already, Phoebe, but this is a very important time now in your life for you with all the arts, and creativity. I am curious what you like doing the best – dance? Watercolors? Writing poetry? I would love to know.

So far I have only mentioned the first asteroid goddess, Pallas Athena, in that bunched up area of planets. There are seven more! What a chart, Phoebe! Well here are some short meanings of the other planets whose energies you embody with your body and personality so beautifully:

With Neptune in your 1st house you may embody a dreamy romantic quality about you. Participating in something like dance, ballet, art, film, acting, music and poetry may feel very good for you. With Uranus in your 1st house you may enjoy being quirky, innovative inventor-ess who doesnt mind being a freak : ) With Jupiter in your 1st house you may be able to get very excited about stuff! you may be able to spread a lot of enthusiasm and tell and write terrific stories. With asteroid goddess Ceres in your 1st house you may well have the wish and talent to nurture other people. With Mercury in your 1st house you may have the talent to self reflect. With asteroid goddess Vesta – and this is a nice one – you have talent to be devoted to yourself. This is especially good for a Pisces. Pisces can be so dreamy, and give too much away to other people, but we can also use our thoughts and ideas in a creative way to stay strong in ourselves, too. The last planet in this bunched up pile-up is Venus and this give you charm and beauty – your long, elegant, slender proportions and your innovative sense of style. So those are the eight heavenly bodies in your Stellium in your 1st house which you can always learn a lot from. You can read about these planets and get endless inspiration.

So Many Planets in Aquarius!!!
There is always a lot to say about a chart but before I end this letter I want to talk about the sign Aquarius. You know you are a Pisces, Phoebe, but all of these planets which (except Pallas Athena and Neptune which are in Capricorn, as is your ascendant and your Mom’s moon) I spoke about are in the sign Aquarius. You can see this in your chart (6 times) because Aquarius is the symbol in pink that looks like two wavy lines. When someone is a Pisces and has planets in Aquarius, this is very helpful because it can give you another opinion besides a Pisces emotional opinion – it can help you be even more reasonable and make decisions with even more intelligence. What is also very important about Aquarius is friends and belonging to a group. So, all in all, about your Stellium in Aquarius in the 1st house, you may find in your life that you can belong in different groups and cliques and circles of friends and people – with nerds or with cool people or in churches, mosques or spiritual circles – even the grocery store — wherever you go, you may easily find a group where you can identify with at least some part of that group and where you can contribute to that group with your usual flair!

Well Phoebe, that is all for now. If you ever have any questions about your chart, feel free to write me!
All the best for you,

(The name in this chart was changed to protect her privacy.
The first painting is by Gustav Klimt, painted in the year 1898.
The second painting is by Rembrandt, painted in the year 1665)

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