Feels Like Time Stands Still When Saturn is at 29

I have been laboring over this painting for the last two weeks. That feels slow and it has been a slow time. I felt the same way when Pluto was at 29° last year at this time, and now this year Saturn is at 29°, the last degree in the sign Virgo. I am so anticipating Saturn’s Libra ingress. I want to be in the cardinal energy now – in the future. As I stand back and look at this painting, it feels very much like I am wearing the blinders of of my present and past trying to break through to the future. The subject is two, looks like a beginning, a bit closed still – but opening, I admit – serious with the wish to be perfect.

This Thursday at 1:12 pm EST, Father Time, Saturn, will carefully close the gate and turn the latch at 29° Virgo and enter the pretty and new landscape of Libra. Then on Saturday which is Halloween, Chiron will station direct. If I were going to have a Halloween party, I would send invitations to all my single friends and tell them what to be. Then when they got to the party they would just happen to be all dressed up like for example, Scrooge, and run into for example, Tiny Tim. I would love to choreograph a whole room full of couples finding their mates, politely discussing equality issues in relationships.


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