The Solstice Derby: A Run for Our Lives

Saturn is still at 29° Virgo and will be there until Thursday night. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Virgo 30:Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions.” If we think about a race horse going for the goal of winning a race, the blinders are used to prevent the horse from getting the bigger picture, to avoid being influenced from the energy of the crowd. For the next four days, we may want to apply some tunnel vision to our most important projects.

Moon will have been in Capricorn all weekend until today when it ingresses Aquarius at 3:08 pm in New York. Later tonight, Sunday, at 8:42 pm is the waxing quarter moon in Aquarius. This is the moment when Moon makes a closing square to the Sun. To refer back to racing, this is the last bend, a goal is now in sight. At this moment too, the US congress’ health plan has been completely exposed and a level playing field is being discussed. As moon stays in Aquarius all Monday and Tuesday both chambers work on combining versions within versions of the health care legislation, this is the goal.

On Tuesday, Moon will finish passing the triple conjunction when it conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius at 2:11 pm. Overnight Tuesday, Moon will enter Pisces. Both Moon in Aquarius and Pisces are favorable for getting an optimum Public Option onto the level playing field. On Tuesday Evening, Moon, Mercury and Saturn will all be at 29 degrees, deepening the feeling of time standing still, or “void of course”.

By Wednesday morning, Moon will have ingressed Pisces, and Mercury will have ingressed Scorpio. Moon will be trine Mercury in a water sign and both will sextle Pluto at 1° Capriorn. Deep in our guts, and based on a deep and authentic emotional honesty, we will all know exactly what we want. Just before 5pm, Moon will trine Ceres, which speaks of a deep nurturing healing. On this evening at 9:01 pm, Venus in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius, which speaks of a great and respectful generosity toward each other as humans.

On Thursday at 12:09 midday in New York, Saturn will ingress Libra. The need for fairness at all levels increases, as in one example, the U.S. attempts to reform healthcare. Saturn will leave Libra on October 5, 2012. This is the time to implement fair solutions in all of our lives on both personal and public levels.

President Obama still hopes to have a final bill to sign by Christmas which is about a sextile away in time from now. This tells me to look at the chart of the Winter Solstice on December 21 2009. This is the day when sun enters the sign Capricorn. The environment is similar to this week’s astrology. Moon is in Aquarius with the triple conjunction, and Venus makes a closing sextile to Jupiter (related to this week’s trine). This to me does show progress based on results made this week. Saturn will have already made the first square to Pluto in November. Sun is moving to conjunct Pluto. We may soon have a nasty scene behind us.

But first things first, and back to the present, which is Saturn still at 29° Virgo. The advice is to look at completing our “urgent tasks” while not looking up for distractions. Where are those blinders?


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