Moon in Capricorn, Good for Outlines

STILL working on that painting, in the stuckness. Then yesterday, as the moon passed over my natal Mars, Ceres and Venus, I had the idea to outline EVERYTHING in pale lime green chalky pastel. This particular pastel really bit into the orange and lavender and green thing going on and damn if things aren’t looking up.


2 thoughts on “Moon in Capricorn, Good for Outlines

  1. Hi D,I love what you do with the art. I liked the earlier version but it was vague and now it's wow, without being woowoo.Also thanx for the inbetween bit about Saturn at 30 Virgo.I'm a late Virgo/Virgo rising and feels like molasses in January – talk about goslomode. Still don't understand what to expect as a Virgo who will have Saturn in my 1st house, cuz I'm not a Libra – but I am hoping for a bit more wow and less sticky googoo feeling!

  2. Ha ha! I think we will all get a break, I mean, with all this cardinal energy coming up, I guess it will feel like bases loaded – and the designated hitter at bat will be you and me.

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