In Honor of Neptune: Sherri Bustad, American Painter in Greece

In honor of the planet Neptune (because it is stationing forward in a few days) I decided to post this painting by Sherri Bustad, because the way she lives and paints is very Neptunian. On the day she was born, Neptune was conjunct the North Node in Libra in her 2nd house. Sherri grew up in the middle of the United States and did not see any ocean until she was 19 (the North Node return) when she went to California, which is where she began to paint. Sherri now lives on the Greek island, Naxos, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. She moved to this island so she could look out onto the sea and get her inspiration.

Sherri is a Gemini and her sun is in the 9th house. She lives far from the United States of America, where she was born. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and her Virgo ascendant, is also in the 9th house. Sherri gets inspiration and feels grounded in foreign natural landscapes. With Mercury in the sign Taurus, before Sherri begins a new body of work, she rearranges her work space to reflect and organize her thoughts. Then, with the square coming from Uranus to Neptune, the image comes in a surprising flash. Sherri paints totally from her imagination.
Before she starts a painting, Sherri already has the image in her mind and then begins layering color until the image reveals what she has seen. This is a very Neptunian act. Neptune is conjunct Sherri’s North Node – her life purpose is to create concrete manifestations of her imagination in a Scorpio way, which means reaching deeply into emotions. Neptune is not just about a pretty picture; Neptune is divine inspiration.

Whereas Sherri’s life purpose is around expressing divine inspiration channeled from her imagination, her past life may have been more superficial, as Venus is conjunct the South Node. Earlier in this life, Sherri was a model as well as an interior designer. Jupiter is conjunct Moon in the tasteful and aesthetic sign Libra in her 2nd house – the 2nd house shows talents. Putting together fashion and arranging spaces is something that comes very naturally to Sherri, but painting is her life purpose.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect in Sherri’s astrological chart, is the position of Chiron, which is retrograde and trining her Jupiter and Moon. A retrograde Chiron in the 6th is the sign of the master healer, and Chiron in positive aspect to Jupiter is healing with a good vibe. I have experienced this placement with my shiatsu massage therapist in Baltimore and now Sherri.
If you feel drawn to Sherri’s work, you would probably benefit deeply from having her work in your life. This is the due the placement of the 6th house Chiron retrograde. Sherry attracts her clients magnetically (the nodes have a magnetic quality as do natal placements of retrograde planets). Many of Sherri’s clients claim they have powerful experiences through the energy of the images — which serve as a kind of energetic mirror to reflect the soul. To me this makes perfect sense — clearly Sherri is channeling the divine, with a good vibration in the beautiful Greek landscape where she has made her home. To see more of Sherri Bustad’s paintings see this site or contact her directly: sab3 – at –

Photos: Sherri Bustad

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