Astrology 2010: Eclipses Sorting Out The Material in Relationships

To get the current sky organized in my head, I made a diagram of where Pluto, Saturn, Mars and Mercury are for the 12 months. In this diagram, the background space is Pluto in Capricorn like a broad brush. The purple and blue lowest bar is Saturn grounding the structure, the next bar up is Mars activity, and then the top vertical bars are the sign changes of Mercury. The lime green letters mark direct and retrograde movements and the pink symbols on the yellow squares are eclipses.

Mainly what motivated me to make this was thinking about how to prepare for April through July, knowing that Saturn goes back into Virgo and wondering how Mars, having been retrograde, will contribute. After making this diagram, I felt all signs are pointing to the eclipses, which I wasn’t expecting.

The first eclipse of 2010, is a solar eclipse on January 15 at 25° Capricorn. This eclipse occurs two days after its Capricorn ruler, Saturn, stations retrograde in Libra on January 13. Mars will still be retrograde too at that time. Mercury will have been retrograde since December 26 and will station direct on January 15, the same day as the eclipse. This is a lot of movement in Capricorn. A Capricorn eclipse on a Capricorn Mercury retrograde just after the Capricorn ruler goes retrograde may suggest that the next authority may step up to take control. Perhaps ideally we can also look at this as what we had previously let others control, this can be a good time for an inner shift.

I noticed that next summer both Mars and Saturn will be in Virgo at the same time. This will give us a lot of harvesting kind of energy to resolve issues that have been hard work for us which may have come about in the Fall of 2007. As well, during the time when Mars and Saturn are both in Virgo, (June 7, 2010 until July 21, 2010) what makes this time period even more significant, is that there are two eclipses occurring as well — the lunar eclipse at 4° Capricorn, and the solar eclipse at 19° Cancer. We can set out intentions now on what we want to resolve and achieve. This is a period when we can create change and when great shifts are possible and will be happening.

Making a diagram like this one above reveals patterns I may not normally see, like that the first three Mercury retrogrades happen in earth signs and more uniquely, Mercury stays in that same sign for the stations. This seems to put a lof of emphasis on material, as does the much broader picture with Pluto in Capricorn being squared by Saturn.

Last years big eclipse in July was at 29° Cancer creating changes we have experienced in our emotions, with our families and in our homes. With such an emphasis on Earth in 2010 we may now look at resolving emotional issues in a more literal and material way looking at banking, finances and our possessions and all that we will be bringing into our Libran relationships in the future.


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