Saturn Square Pluto: Tread Lightly

I remember in the 7th grade, it wasnt until the Vietnam War ended, that I realized it had been going on my whole life. Seeing pictures of guys fighting in the jungle, first in black and white, then in color, was a constant. I remember feeling a new, lighter potential in the landscape at that time – the protesting could finally stop. A few years later in the 11th grade we were studying the Vietnam War. I remember my history teacher saying, “We really missed the boat with Ho Chi Minh”. In a 1967 interview with The Miami News and The Arkansas Gazette, Ho Chi Minh had this to say about Americans: “I don’t understand how they can support their involvement in this war. Is the Statue of Liberty standing on her head?” His point was that The United States is made of colonies who gained independence in a revolution.

When I took a look at the chart for the end of the Vietnam War, a familiar Cardinal Cross popped into view. Pluto was in Libra at 7° and Saturn was at 13° Cancer. That means the last couple of years before the war ended there was a tight square between Saturn and Pluto. On the day the war ended, Moon was in Capricorn at 4° and Jupiter was in Aries at 10°. Each point of the Cardinal Cross was filled.

This chart seems like a close future relative of today. A Saturn Pluto square is nearly exact as General McChrystal requests 80,000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. The U.S. will probably send 34,000? Also as there was a tragedy at Fort Hood last week, aggression turned inward within the US Military on US soil with 13 dead and many wounded.

The advice this week is for us to tread so lightly. Irreparable damage is always so deeply regretted.


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