Regenerational Potential at the Cellular Level: A Note on the transit Pluto opposed Mars, or if you have Mars around 3° Cancer, this transit is now.

If you or someone you know has Mars at around 3° Cancer, then this post is dedicated to you.

When Pluto opposes Mars in our natal charts, a wave of energy may have been building up, perhaps our whole lives even, which may seem to involve sorting out deep psychological issues in our closest relationships. Pluto brings us in contact with our deepest psychological issues, Mars activates aggression, whether active or passive, and in an opposition, these issues are active in our closest relationships.

One thing which is important to remember is, this is no time to work things out alone, no matter how difficult it is to work with other people, that is the whole point. Because both Pluto and Mars are rulers of Scorpio, this means we are sorting out our common resources. Mixed in may be a deeply psychological, secretive and sexual vibration. The best way to use this time is to accomplish a lot and make sweeping changes in our lives. The ideal is to include everyone – our whole “family” system. This energy is best used as a group so that no one feels singularly dominated against, or threatened, because when this much energy is in the dynamic, people may feel threatened or paranoid.

With natal Mars is at 3° Cancer, the first two of the three passes of this are already in the past. The first pass was earlier this year, building up starting in January 2009 and the apex was around mid-March 2009. Then there was another wave right at the end of April and the beginning of May 2009. Although the first two passes may have been shocking or abrupt, this last pass is all about effectiveness, now as Saturn is making a square to Pluto simultaneously. For the first two passes, there was no Saturn square, and now that there is, the element of karma is bringing our most pressing issues to the foreground.

Any group or relationship that we are involved with now has the potential to become a completely different entity. In the ideal world this can be the revolution that puts a halt to the non-functioning parts of the group dynamic, and converts the common psychology to the highest vibration. Each person in the group is able to change deeply into every cell of their body, into the nucleus of their cells which can activate new DNA expressions.

The biggest challenge may be for us to know that in the end, in the very end, we (I mean the persons with Mars at 3° Cancer) will be acknowledged as the leader of a revolution. When Pluto opposes Mars, we are the alchemist, changing not only lead to gold, but also turning lead weight into golden opportunities.


7 thoughts on “Regenerational Potential at the Cellular Level: A Note on the transit Pluto opposed Mars, or if you have Mars around 3° Cancer, this transit is now.

  1. To Michelle and Melanie and those of you with Mars in early Cancer: now is the time to go deeply into yourself, and take stock – know what changes you want and need to make in your life and and take clever action. Know that everyone you are involved with is very energized by you: your actions are powerful.

  2. hi deirdre, Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the undefeated Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League, has natal mars in the 3rd degree of cancer, while his coach has natal mars in the 2nd degree of aries. these charts are highly activated by the current saturn / pluto square. Manning is cementing his status as one of the best players ever, and is largely considered to be the "real coach" of the team as his leadership and expertise are unrivaled. At times this season, Manning has made his job look like child's play as he guides his team down the field.

  3. Hi Shawn. Thanks for your astro statistic on Peyton Manning. This will be really interesting to see how the Colts' season plays out — especially the relationship between Manning and the coach of the Colts.(If you can believe it, I still associate the Colts with Johnny Unitas, maybe this cardinal T-square will kick my butt out of that old-fashioned denial!)

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