Notes on The Taste of Cardinal Up a Notch

In a few hours, the Moon will enter the sign Libra. Normally I love being on Earth when Moon is in Libra, relating is so pleasant. I wonder how it will be today as Moon is greeted at the door by Saturn and squares Pluto. Well, we will soon see. Moon enters Libra at 6:23 pm in Hamburg; 12:23 midday in New York.

The last time Moon and Saturn were conjunct in Libra it was 1982 – and at that time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Libra. I was in my last year of art school and pretty darn nervous about life after art school and the future after that.

Above is a diagram of today’s basic planets plus the Sun and Moon just as the Moon ingresses Libra. I set this chart up as a natural chart, which means 0° Aries is on the ascendant, or where 9:00 is located on a clock. This chart is so pure: Pluto is at Noon, Saturn and Moon are at 3:00.

The advice today, take action and mind The Golden Rule.


6 thoughts on “Notes on The Taste of Cardinal Up a Notch

  1. I signed up for an internship at a small design studio (which was really scary for me at that time – because it seemed so real and grown up) did that for 6 weeks during winter session, and then when I graduated they offered me a JOB! — do THAT!

  2. This is a comment I read about Saturn/Pluto square:Saturn imposes limits, while Pluto tends to bring out obsessive behaviors. Saturn also produces a black cloud of pessimism to affairs, while Pluto intensifies the emotional impact of events. With this dynamic, it's likely that you'll feel quite restricted by social and environmental constraints, and that the influence of the society in which you live will have considerable impact upon your life, often appearing to be a negative one. Frustration may be inevitable.What do you think???-Joanne

  3. Well, I find the logic okay, but the conclusion irresponsible. I think we who read horoscopes, think about astrology and ponder the cosmic are susceptible to suggestion as sensitive open people. Gosh, dont we need a bit more encouragement in our lives? Anyway,I sure do.Sentences like "Frustration may be inevitable." cut off my imagination. I see frustration as a place to move through, not a place to name the ineveitable.Was this written for Aquarius? I would say something more like, "withdrawing from society may feel a safer environment when obsessing on fears as we can sometimes." you know, something like that – so we dont feel like freaks for wanting to spend time alone.Well, what do you think, jkal?

  4. DeirdreThe above clip was from a general evaluation of the Saturn/Pluto alignment -not specific to a sign. Me, I just am looking to avoid any more obstacles to health, happiness and success!!! And YES, I have been avoiding the public as much as possible. Trying to hunker down and get things done.-jkali

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