My Saturn Square Pluto Fantasy: School Bus Graphics for Michelle Obama

JUST as Saturn was in precise square to Pluto on Sunday, I went in to a deep sleep afternoon nap (and I never nap) and dreamed that I was on a team designing graphics for Michelle Obama’s cell phone. She specifically looked at me and said, “You’re definitely doing the school bus.” I was so happy and proud and psyched when I woke up. Such can be the fantasies of proud natal Venus and Mars in Capricorn.

I am wondering if anyone else felt an overwhelming wave of tiredness when the Saturn-Pluto square was exact. I felt something similar on September 15 when the outer planets Saturn and Uranus were in exact opposition, too.

Has anything mysterious happend to you today? Its the New Moon in Scorpio. My Gemini friend found some mysterious writing on her bathroom mirror saying hello to her today. This took her by surprise and scared her, like Scorpio spooky. My Libra friend has done some research on kissing over the internet. Topics like these may generate some deep, philosophical exploring into ourselves over the next couple of weeks as Scorpio season culminates and comes to an end and Sagittarius bursts onto the scene.


2 thoughts on “My Saturn Square Pluto Fantasy: School Bus Graphics for Michelle Obama

  1. I heard a lot of people complaining about being tired. I was tired, but I did a lot of extra work all weekend.Nothing spooky, we stopped what we were doing at work and watched the space shuttle launch live on the Internet.

  2. Oh that's right – a space shuttle launch at the new moon in scorpio. this mission may reveal some secretive info – very probing. will be interesting to keep an eye on this mission, if possible.

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