Sagittarian Nouveau Royalty & Flashy Golden Roots.

When I started this cut flower series a few months ago, I was always thinking, How are these flowers living? But with the reoccurring element, the reference of a typewriter eraser in a psychadelic way, just as a reference that we can play Let’s Make Believe, I think the flowers are living from that.

My initial idea was a kind of scientific botanical reference, a bit like they have donated their imaginary bodies to science, or art. When the composition became slightly symmetrical a Tyrolian / East European edge added a new layer to the botanical perspective. Meanwhile this series started at the height of Saturn-Uranus opposition, like Peter Max balancing Thoreau.

With imaginary botany, you can have mixed leaves on stems, a huge magnolia bud blooming from a colored jade plant, some princess elements and greens. Saturn still in Virgo at the time, the structure aims for perfect edging, resisting bouquet. Then Saturn squared Pluto. It became unavoidable to address what happens below the dirt line, and thus it was time to address the roots.
The life giving typewriter eraser morphed into a golden cornflower anyway, shimmering like nouveau royalty, and thus the idea of flashy, golden roots.

Acrylic on acid-free archival paper.
Sizes vary: 30 x 22 inches (76 x 56 cm); 26 x 41 inches (104 x 66cm).
Available for purchase.


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