A Full Strobe Light Moon

It seems like this year all the Thanksgivings were at least a little different than previous years. Either the dinner had always been held at a particular home but this year it was at a different home, or last year the person who arrived early was this year the person who departed early, or somehow we were all sitting there with some people we didn’t know at all and hadn’t expected that.I was thinking this was due the slowing down of Uranus ready to station. If you are Pisces, then you are probably used to the quirky energy of Uranus.

My Gemini friend is taking off for a trip for the Gemini full moon. My Libra friend is definitely noticing discipline required. My Capricorn friend is swamped in work, but that’s not new. My Aries friend wants to decorate his office and my other Aries friend is sanding a floor. My Virgo friend still has physical therapy everyday. My Leo Friend got mono. My Aquarius friend played some music on a boat.

At this Uranus station, my impression is the full moon, which directly follows, will light up the Uranian blitz, like a flash or a strobe. Those kinds of photos are often interesting, funny but not necessarily becoming.


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