Tending the Pre-Solstice Fire

It’s dark over here where I am in Hamburg Germany. It only takes about an hour to get to Denmark from here, so it’s dark and every day is still getting darker. We have candle light breakfast, lunch and dinner. The sun never rises over the house across the street. It seems to rain every day. Last week, during some nice Venus transits, I designed a calendar with images I have done recently. I have painted so many flowers this year, that it was easy to figure out the spring and summer months. But when I got to November I was stumped. November in Hamburg is the month everyone here fears all year. There can be a beautiful day in the summer and you can say to someone, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” And almost always they respond with something like, “Take it in while you can – you wont be seeing this in November.” So I went through my sketchbooks, found this cat I had drawn in black line, scanned her, and colored her in. Finally to get the feeling of November in Hamburg, I surrounded the cat with darkness. Now she is in her private and cozy black hole. How pale she will be in Spring.

But now it’s December and we are working our way out of the November black hole to the Northern Solstice at quite a fast clip. While Mars will soon retrograde, it’s important to take stock on what we want. What I notice when Mars retrogrades is that projects can get put on hold, extended, our flame (Leo) can dim and the pace may slow down. If we don’t keep our eyes on the prize, it can be easy for distractions to get in our way. Mars will be stationing retrograde on December 20, the day before the Solstice.

Regarding the Solstice, the theme is Relationship and taking responsibility for our success in this realm. Saturn is the ruler of the Solstice, still in square to Pluto and now Juno is opposing. These are tough conditions for a workhorse, leaving not much room for checking out. We may feel that time is running out. The challenge will be not to collapse into emotions. The solution is to think and be like an Aquarian as much as we can. The moon in Aquarius, conjunct the triple conjunction, gives us this signal. Aquarian thinking means to rise above, to distance ourselves from the emotional aspect and to be ready to troubleshoot in a flash – creating solutions for our future.

This weekend, while four planets are in fire signs, we can take some time to sit before the fire and focus once again on what we want.

My illustrated 2010 calendar,
which includes the cat, Miss November
is available here.

One thought on “Tending the Pre-Solstice Fire

  1. wow…october/november was when i visited hamburg…we had some sun but it was gloomy.however i live in vancouver which is grey and raining and gloomy all november, too. it's a good month for tucking into bed. and hopefully taking scorpio with you, ha ha!lots of love to you, deirdre. i hope you're well, i miss you over at elsaelsa!

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