Alecs summs up 2010, Virgo Men, An Ideal Boyfriend Chart and More

In response to the AstroMeme, I interviewed Alecs. Alecs, with a natal Venus in Pisces, is a psychic and a palm reader and she has a solid intuitive approach to astrology. Among many qualities I love about Alecs, I love that she calls a spade a spade. I hope you enjoy this 5-question interview.

Deirdre: What is your take on “2012”?
Alecs: That we are moving towards a more spiritual way of life.

Deirdre: Please tell us three strange or maybe little known facts about Virgo men! Alecs: They are ultimately very selfish, suffer from constant superiority/inferiority complex, what you see is not what you get.

Deirdre: If you could design a perfect mate, what Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars signs would you order and why? Alecs: Sun in Leo because although they are tyrants their hearts is in the right place; Moon in Taurus because they would be good lovers; Venus in Libra because they would be fair; Mars in Aries because that’s where Mars belongs.

Deirdre: Pluto has been in Capricorn for about a year now – do you think it has it changed the structure of or something basic about your life at all? Alecs: It has finally created the move forward.

Deirdre: Saturn has been in Libra for about 6 weeks now – do you notice a difference in your or your friends approach to relationships in the last 6 weeks? Alecs: Everyone is thinking commitment.

Thanks Alecs!


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