On A Packed First House, The Triple Conjunction’s Effect On School, Solar Wear 2010 & More

I got a splash from Tuna asking if I would interview her for the AstroMeme. Having long admired her from afar, I was honored by her request to be interviewed, and pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm for astrology. What I wasn’t prepared for was to hear about her school’s mixed-media 2010 Cruise Collection. Enjoy this 5-question interview, between a Pisces and a Tuna.

Deirdre: Please describe for us your ideal boyfriend chart.
Tuna: In fact, we dont survive unless we are spawned when Aquarius is on the ascendant. Personally, I also like Aquarius Sun, Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Aquarius, too.

Deirdre: Is this exhausting relating to a partner with so many planets in the first house?
Tuna: I suppose so, but we project Leo on the 7th house, so as long as we keep moving, relating is about us. Plus you may not realize it, but there is actually a lot of space between us in a school, our egos fit. Have you noticed our beautiful bodies?

Deirdre: Yes, how could I not, but hey I am the interviewer here, which reminds me, speaking of Aquarius, has the triple conjunction had an impact on your school?
Tuna: Triple conjunction? Oh yeah we merged with another school this year. We are huge! In fact I cant see anything but our school, seems to go forever. We are very afraid of hooks and nets — they can wound our cheeks, suffocate us, kill us even. See, right here on my lip? I got hooked, nearly died. Another Tuna mentioned something about Chiron, but we don’t all use Chiron in our charts, that’s new for us. But there is one Tuna who keeps ranting on that fixing the Chiron in our charts can alleviate extinction. Most of us freeze with trepidation at the thought of extinction. I think that’s what stops most of us from using Chiron in our charts.

Deirdre: Will you be sad when Jupiter leaves Aquarius?
Tuna: Why would I be sad? Enough is enough already. Plus, a friend of mine told me humans will be investing more into oceanography research and clean-up, while Jupiter is in Pisces, which sounds like a smart move to me. This water can be disgusting sometimes!

Deirdre: How do you see the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on New Year’s Eve 2009 effecting the charts of all Tuna? It will be in all of your 12th houses and 6th houses.
Tuna: Is that right? Okay… 12th house… secrets… 6th house… work… well, I guess I can tell you. We are really busy putting together our 2010 Cruise Collection, called Second Solar Slime. It is an irredescent wearable technology which cleans water triggered to activate when we spawn. The more we spawn, the cleaner the water gets. We’ve learned to rely on ourselves and have fun on the way.

Thanks for sharing, Tuna.


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