Eclipse + Mars Rx + Merc Rx + Saturn Rx = Balanced Checkbook x Heart + :-)

Flag for the 2009-2010 Mars Retrograde in Leo

This time of year can be a lot of running around. There are tests in school, holiday programs, presents to get, places to go, and house parties office parties and New Years parties starting to back up onto each other. AND this is exactly the time when Mars and then Mercury will retrograde. Before I fly off into the Mars retrograde, here are my thoughts as they are brewing.

I wrote some posts on the Mars retrograde back in Summer while the Sun was in Leo. My sense is that the beginning of Leo Season 2009, nearly five months ago, the segment between July 22 – August 22, 2009, carries information for this retrograde. This is because the Sun at that time was shining a light on the 19-degree path of the Mars’ retrograde, from 0° Leo to 19° Leo.

To refresh our memories, there was a Great Eclipse Kick-Off at 29° Cancer on July 22. Less than 24 hours later, the Sun shone on retrograde scenery sparking with eclipse flair.
Among some of the current events around that time were:

  • Harvard University’s Henry Louis Gates “teachable moment” of being arrested for breaking into his own house which led to discussions on racial profiling and a “Beer Summit” at the White House.
  • Protests in 80 cities worldwide took place in support of Iranian protesters following the disputed presidential election.
  • In the U.S., Town Halls turned violent around the topic of Health Care.

If you look for a common thread of Mars aggression in each of those extraordinary topics, it’s easy to find; rage was in the air. So, what was going on in your life? And what does that have to do with now, while Mars is traveling the degree now where the Leo Sun was then?

I was traveling then. I will also be traveling again now. In July I went to Turkey and visited friends. In August I went to the beach with my family. In a couple days I will be flying to the U.S. to see the friends I saw in Turkey and after that I will visit my family. My point is, this Mars retrograde is carrying over the July 22 total eclipse to right now and the next eclipse on New Year’s, a Lunar eclipse in Cancer, this will help carry the accentuate the continuity as the Wheel of Fate works the Cancer – Capricorn axis strong.

And speaking of Capricorn, on December 26, Mercury will station retrograde at 21° Capricorn and being Saturn ruled, this will connect us to the Saturn station retrograde on January 13 and the station direct of Mercury two days later. What this says to me is, to really flourish in our life purposes or our life callings two aspects of this are being highlighted: with whom do we relate (Saturn in Libra) when we are fulfilling our life purpose, and how do we do business within our life purposes (Mercury in Capricorn). We may be finding ourselves going into our past financial records, and creating a new system which will help us relate better and perform better.

There may be former colleagues from another era, or from previous projects who will be calling us. We are going to need to be as financially sensible (Mercury in Capricorn) as we are creative. This will bring us further in our careers. If we want to get a head start, we can review our finances now as that will free us up to express our souls.

Recently, I have been thinking about when Saturn is retrograding, as it will again starting January 13, it may give us a vague overcast feeling that there is not enough time. This is another reason to start preparing finances in advance now. This will help calm our nerves and ease communication in all of our relationships.

To find out how the astrology of 2010 is effecting your chart, send me an email, so I can schedule you in. Looking forward to helping you do what you want to be doing with your life.


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