My Little Mars Retrograde Station

Weeks ago when I booked my flight to the U.S., I was surprised how much cheaper the flight was on December 20th than December 19th, so I booked it without even looking at the astrology. The price was right, the day was good – I thought. When I noticed that Mars would be turning retrograde while I would be in the airport in Hamburg to catch the first leg of the flight, I knew it looked fishy. Surely I would never consult anyone to fly at the very moment that Mars is stationing – why mess with that? So pack I did and went off into the retrograde, after first checking all the websites late into the night looking for a cancellation. It seemed that The Great Blizzard had not canceled my flight.

I have to admit, I was pretty flustered when I got to the British Air counter today, 20 minutes before the exact station of Mars, with them telling me in that classic, dead-pan style that the American Airlines part of my flight from London to New York was canceled. I am re-booked for tomorrow, flying through Zurich. And even though I need to pay three taxis instead of one, the December 20th flight is still cheaper than the one on December 19th.

When I got back to my apartment in Hamburg, my sister had posted this photo above looking out onto the woods behind where she lives in Baltimore. There it is, a picture of the Mars retrograde – so peaceful!

Photo by Pamela Tanton, Baltimore

To find out how these retrogrades and the astrology of 2010 are effecting your chart, send me an email, so we can schedule an appointment. Looking forward to helping you do what you want to be doing with your life.


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