Necessary Chaos

Impulsiveness may quickly kick up necessary and short-lived chaos today as, at 9:37 am New York Time, Mercury stations retrograde on the North Node at 21° Capricorn while Moon is void-of-course in Aries. When Moon enters Taurus at 3:26 pm, there may be noticeably less frenzy, creating the chance to unravel, settle and find the sense of stability in the situation.

These next three Mercury retrogrades, occurring in earth signs, are this current one, the next happening in May, in Taurus season, and then another one in September in Virgo season. During these three earth Mercury retrogrades, Mercury will not be changing signs to another element during the retrograde which makes it, in typical earth fashion, practical. The message is to pay close attention to what we can touch and have in our hands.

Specifically with this Capricorn Mercury retrograde on the North Node, we may feel compelled to control the larger, broad-brush strategies in our lives. During the next few weeks, something large and long term which may seem to be beyond the closest peak may come up for review. We may be wise to consider several ways to the top and if the peak at all is real.


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