Sign by Sign Astrology 2010

Happy New Year one and all! Here are some short thoughts of mine on how the 2010 astrology will effect each sign. For a more detailed account of how the eclipses, the cardinal T-square, Jupiter changing signs or Pluto in Capricorn can work with your love life, family, school, work or heath, write to me,, to set up a reading for you.

ARIES: Emotional stability colors your life, stabalizing your lightening impulses. Working with a partner may feel blocked, but with patience, the results can be real and long lasting.
TAURUS: Good friends are here to help – lots of them, too. You can achieve your goals this year, make sure to remember them often. A stricter diet of the healthiest foods could make you happier than you may imagine.
GEMINI: More people will know your work, your reputation and you, too. This is a year to work internationally, all across the globe – big. The more you honor your creativity as a strict discipline, the greater success in life and love you will have.
CANCER: Although you love your home, this is a great year to go far outside your comfort zone either in the world or your mind, find adventure and bring it home to rest. Relating to people has been intense; rising above unnecessary ego conflicts will keep the power in your hands.
LEO: The new year may be starting out on humble footing compared to your dreams. This year you can expand financially, carefully. Invest with others for others and by others.
VIRGO: Whereas you normally take up the slack for others, this is the year others can take up the slack for you, should you accept the offer — but please do! Investing as a group may catch you at your most innovative and genius moments. While your income may seem small, let its steadiness give you peace of mind.
LIBRA: You’re at the helm, Libra, getting more done in a day than you have imagined in years. The more responsibility you take on, the better you will feel.
SCORPIO: It’s been a lot of work, and you have built an exciting, solid and healing home base. Now here’s to finding solitude, if you can, to hunker down and find the words to explain an obsession which can help your sisters, brothers and your mental hygiene too.
SAGITTARIUS: This year each inhale strengthens your self confidence; every exhale releases you from former negative thoughts which are no longer necessary or true. With this slow, steady and sure process, you are building your fortune. How new!
CAPRICORN: You are doing at least as much as you’ve always done, but the ante is much more dramatic, and your leadership style, although it is gleaming you success, the psychological part may be bugging you with a heaviness or intensity. As the captain, the fairer you manage your team the more satisfaction you will have in your home and your bank account.
AQUARIUS: You may remember days gone by, when you used to be the person who organized street festivals, neighborhood get-togethers and large back yard parties. This year you may happily and surprisingly find yourself in that role again — now with more wisdom than ever and a feeling for the collective pulse, you may feel more connected than ever.
PISCES: Although the good luck planet Jupiter is in your sign, it does not mean the year is the easiest or gets you success on cruise control. And indeed the new, and undeniable self confidence so unfamiliar to you may take you by surprise when you find setting goals may be worth while for the first time in your life.


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