Favorite Places Medley brought to you by Retrogrades Between Eclipses

Do you ever find yourself visualizing a non-narrative moment from your past? I do. I sometimes visualize the space between the stove and the sink where a light was attached to a ceramic tile in the kitchen where I grew up. I used to put my eyes on that space when we sat at the table, not the whole time we ate but it might have been a resting place. I have a string of places like this, like where I sat in front of the fan playing with dolls, the location of my desk in 7th grade study hall, or the pantry part of the kitchen in Providence.

These non-narrative visuals range in size from about 12 inches square to views seen from long distances. This drawing is a medley of parts of favorite places that have gotten stuck in my mind and parts of places I would like to visit, like the Charles River and the Thames River, or the Fort Point Chanel area and Dubai, Key Biscayne and Bodrum Turkey. This is also about how a river can divide a place, like Hamburg / Harburg, Boston / Cambridge and New York / Jersey City.

The moment now as Mercury and Mars are in retrograde and we are between eclipses can be like a non-narrative moment too. With the retrograde energy people, names and places are coming up from the past. The wheel of fate is turning but has not jet turned. We may be in the spot which is where our eyes may rest in the future when we will be in a different place.


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