Jupiter On the Last Degree of Aquarius and I Hear Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day

Jupiter on Sabian Symbol Aquarius 30:

Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white.

Jupiter is on the last degree of Aquarius and I hear the Green Day song, “Time of Your Life” playing. The lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, is an Aquarius and he can really rally a crowd. I saw Green Day in concert in October and we the audience were so uplifted – I would go to another Green Day concert again in a heart beat.

I set up Billie Joe Armstrong’s chart with 0° Aquarius on the ascendant, because he is an Aquarius. I used to put in 12:00 noon if I didn’t know the time, but I find putting the zeroeth degree of the Sun sign on the ascendant works great for me.

Some Words on Billie Joe Armstrong’s Astrology.

As an Aquarius, Billie Joe Armstrong understands the group experience, maybe that’s why he is so into audience interaction when he performs. Check out his voice: Venus conjunct Chiron trining both Neptune in Sagittarius and Ceres in Leo. This is music that can heal a broken heart (Venus conjunct Chiron) because he knows what a broken heart is and because his voice is beautiful.When Billie Joe performs he runs around the stage the whole time (Mars trine Jupiter – lots of energy and enthusiasm). He is a fixed sign, and he has been in the same band since since 1989 and played with his base/guitar player, Mike Dirnt, since their childhood. That’s fixed staying power for you.

Transiting Jupiter Just Conjuncted Armstrong’s Sun. While Jupiter (long distance travel) is on the last degree of Aquarius, and just having conjuncted Billie Joe Armstrongs’s Sun, Green Day is continuing their world tour in the Far East yesterday Singapore, tomorrow Hong Kong. According to the Green Day website, it seems this part of the tour ends on January 25, and they start touring again back to Europe in the beginning of June.

Transiting Chiron Conjunct Sun in March. In March, Chiron will conjunct Billie Joe Armstrong#s Sun. Maybe he will go back home to his family and have to assimilate somehow after having been on tour for months and months. He may be feeling wounded around his role in “the group” as we tend to do when we have been away from home for a while, or if we have Sun – Chiron contacts, or Chirion in Aquarius. As he is an Aquarius, and Chiron will be conjuncting his Sun, the theme of fitting in will be important.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Sun April – May. Green Day’s show “American Idiot” moves to Broadway. Opening night will be April 20, 2010 while Neptune is slowing down to a station and to conjunct Billie Joe Armstrong’s sun – twice. If I can imagine how it would be to be him and listen to his own music sung by Broadway singers with Neptune on his Sun, I’d say he could well get swept away and feel something divine listening to the new voices. There may a chance of some disappointment or disorientation, but most likely he may go with the flow and let his own music wash over him in Neptunian transcendence.

Let’ s be on the lookout for a possible new body of work inspired by the triple conjunction passing over the Sun of Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day.


3 thoughts on “Jupiter On the Last Degree of Aquarius and I Hear Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day

  1. i liked this! im an aquarius too and Green Day is my favorite band ever! and Billie is so inspirational to me. the music he writes has helped me through a lot. FYI tho his name is spelled with an "ie" Billie. and he takes his family on tour with him as much as possible. also he has been married to the same women for 16 years. and has had two sons with her.

  2. Hi Michaela, Thanks for your comment. I am going to correct how I have spelled Billie Joe's name immediately. Although I didnt know all those personal facts I have a feeling that you and I are equally into Green Day. I found the Green Day concert to be a highest expression of Aquarian energy – fantastic

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