Seven Creative Blogs

Once upon a time, when Pluto was in Sagittarius and blogs were new, I found Diane’s site, which at that time was taglined a “knitting circle”. As I sat alone in my kitchen in Germany reading her astrology posted from the West Coast of the U.S., I thought how true, this is our community. I marked Diane’s site in my favorites and continue to read her evolving site still today. I have followed her life through the seasons of her Libra eyes, reading her posts on synastry, seeing snippets of her parter, her grandchild, her haircut or a new shawl. Yesterday was especially meaningful when Diane passed on one of her seven Kreativ Blogger awards to me. Thanks Diane, I am happy about our connection over the thousands of miles.

I did a little research on this award and have found it passing from blog to blog over months. One blogger, Simon Leong who writes about food, got the Kreativ Blogger in August of 2009. He blogged about the award when he received it, and it is from him I learned you can redesign the award if you want, so I did.

The next part that happens is to pass the award on to seven bloggers. So now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for, presenting, the next seven Kreativ Blogger awards which go to:

1. Astrofix, This astrologer, Michelle, seems to write in a series of in-depth concepts. Sometimes she writes general astrology and sometimes very personal. The way she writes, shows her passion for the subject and how astrology runs through her whole life. This blog is fun, interesting, very organized and mysterious, too. Plus, I have never seen a blog look and almost feel like tactile paper, like an artists portfolio or scrap book, but this one does.

2. Serennu, There is really nothing like this blog and I recommend all astrologers to figure out this blog and this site. The author, Tracy, has programmed hundreds of minor planets so we can all cast our charts including the asteroids Child, Photographica, House and hundreds more. It’s incredible, really. Just by casting your own chart, you can learn A LOT about all the other bodies besides the classical planets. Intuitive and original, Tracy comes up with striking insights with an unassuming voice, making super way-out information seem normal.

3. Karmic Relief, Shelley Ackermann is a New Yorker who has her finger on the pulse of the city. Each week Shelley connects current events with the astrology of the moment making it really fun to learn more of both. She includes savvy, right on, sign-by-sign astrology at the end of her weeklies. Each post at Karmic Relief is always a treat.

4. in2light Mark Krueger writes a completely unself-conscious blog. I am always struck by what seems to me as a complete lack of needing to impress anyone. Mark is just himself writing whatever is coming out of his fingers, which is usually a comment on the zeitgeist with dashes of astrology mixed in. Mark’s play-on-words style keeps all topics up for questioning no matter how silly or serious.

5. Koreanish, Alexander Chee, a novelist, blogs about literature from the perspective of producing, teaching and living language. From research to artist colonies, from anecdotes about friends to including tarot cards in certain writing processes, I learn a lot about writing and a lot about paying attention to my life when I read his blog.

6. Bruce Mau’s Manifesto, I re-read this manifesto every few months and each time I do I think every point is right.

7. vvvvovvvv, This blog is a wild card. I never know what will be posted here in what language. I have no idea who is behind it or how to contact them. I especially liked the link to the Spanish astrology videos, posted last year.

There you are folks, the Kreativ Blogger awards, I hope you have enjoyed this post.


6 thoughts on “Seven Creative Blogs

  1. Congratulations Deirdre, and thank you. This is my first visit here. I'm having a rotten day and your colours have quite cheered me up. Lovely stuff!

  2. Hi Michelle, Yes, here are the instructions as I have received them:1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award5. Link to them6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their awardI forgot to write the seven things about myself I have never said; I guess that will be forthcoming.See ya round,Deirdre

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