2010, a Surge to a Point

I heard a story today of a man who became a millionaire when he was 32 and then he kept on making money. He bought yachts, airplanes, a helicopter and a luxury home in Tirol on a lake. When he was 47, he decided to raffle his house off, let somebody else get it and then move to Africa and work in micro loans.
I am really interested in the point at which people make huge sweeping changes in their lives. Often huge changes can be traced to a place in our hearts where the political meets the personal and the personal meets the political. It is like a fire is lit, like a spark plug which gets our engines going.
This is a place where a huge emotional end leads to a hugely exciting beginning. In astrology this is where the last degree of Pisces meets the first degree of Aries. The last degree of Pisces is all fish aligning to one point. The first degree of Aries is like alchemy which can convert water, or emotions to fire which is inspiration energy and in the ideal situation expressed with love. All of us have this point somewhere in our charts. It is 0° Aries, or The Aries Point.
The day when the Sun crosses this point this year will be March 21, the first day of Spring, the day the Sun aligns with the Vernal Equinox, and this year we may see some mini-signs of what’s up with our Aries Points, which could be helpful soon. I say helpful because don’t we all want to be as liberated as the man who raffled his house and moved to Africa? We might not want to do exactly that but isn’t it satisfying to move toward a big dream and align ourselves with our life purpose here on planet Earth? As Jupiter and Uranus are hearding all fish toward the Aries Point, there will be a historic convergence on June 8, 2010. We can check out our charts to see in which house the Aries Point falls, brainstorm about what can be invented there and most of all dream big.

If you want to schedule a reading with me, email me at deirdre@cosmicguidelines.com and we can look at where the Aries Point falls in your chart and see what the astrology of 2010 may be saying to you.


5 thoughts on “2010, a Surge to a Point

  1. Michelle – this sounds quite incredibly splendid and awesome! I wonder how last years Venus retrograde was for you passing over that area. How are your Eros and Venus aspected?I do not have any natal planets at 0° Cardinal, but I do have progressed Venus at 0° Aries and progressed Moon at 0° Libra. We should definitely stay in touch about this and compare notes! We can learn a lot from each other on this one I think!

  2. hi deirdre,if i'm not mistaken, isn't it in our 40s we have our natal uranus opposition? my ex was 43 when he had an accident that changed his life, forever.hmmm…hope you're well:)

  3. True! you're right if that guy is raffling his house at 47, his Uranus opposition probably did play a big role in his decision to change things all around. It's wild energy. Often called the mid-life crisis – imagine it now this year turned up a notch with Jupiter- woa! Hi chrispito!

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