Aquarian Message in Flight Spills Manifesto All Over Earth

Yesterday, as the Sun moved from the sign of the water bearer (Aquarius), to the sign of the fish (Pisces), we surprisingly learned that the pilot who had crashed his plane into a building, was also the author of a manifesto. Not many of us were expecting that to happen yesterday.
An Aquarian can be a container for information, it is an air sign. Aquarians can be rebellious, charismatic leaders. The airplane yesterday was like a water bearer. Pisces can send information everywhere in an un-orderly fashion, much like a spilled glass of something. The crash happened while the Sun was in Aquarius; the manifesto is being distributed while Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are in Pisces. Through the internet, the entire world has access to the pilot’s manifesto.
These are surprising times and the astrology suggests that surf is building. The local police chief in Austin stated that the plane crash was a “lone wolf” incident, not connected to a major terrorist organization. When Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises, moves into Aries, the sign of the lone individual, in early spring, the rage of the lone wolf may be howling even deeper into the cosmos.
This morning I got an invitation from another RISD artist living in Hamburg, Laura Honse, to an event called “MAN SON 1969. The Horror of the Situation” This exhibit, first shown at the Hamburg Kunsthalle in 2009 will be shown again in the Villa-Merkel in Esslingen, Germany. The aesthetics, politics, lifestyles, subculture and history of 1969 remains unforgettable for any of us who lived though it even if we were only nine years old and making beaded jewelry in our bedrooms. The astrology of that time, 1969, is back this year and what I found fascinating is that it exactly corresponds with the timing of the spring exhibit, “MAN SON 1969. The Horror of the Situation”.


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