Peace Out, Inner Bully.

In astrology, Mars, God of War, is what gets us what we want. If our teeth are brushed, Mars got us to the sink. If we are an Olympic athlete, most likely we have a pretty fantastic Mars in our birth chart with all kinds of will power (Pluto) discipline (Saturn) and talent (Capricorn) attached.
Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries, so Aries people often learn a lot about aggression, especially when Mars is noteworthy in the sky, as it is now. Every one and a half years, Mars moves forward; the next six months Mars makes no “linear progress” at all. This is termed “retrograde” in astrology. Mars has been in its retrograde cycle now since December 20. For all of us, and perhaps particularly for Aries and for Leos (because Mars has been retrograde in the sign Leo) we have been trying to get something and we may have been feeling blocked. This could be around a creative project, a love interest, career advancement, getting contact to a particular man or our physical health, for examples.
The purpose of the retrograde is for us to take a look at our aggression and own all of it. Aries can be so impulsive and is so good at taking action – sometimes too fast and too furious. This six-month retrograde period gets the Aries in all of us to regroup, slow down (much to the Aries chagrin) and get in tune with what we really want, and to develop the next year and a half instinctive strategy. How have I been pursuing my aim? What boulder have I been trying to push up the mountain all alone? Why does the boulder keep falling back on me? Why am I stuck at home alone on crutches and the only thing on TV is Curling?
On March 10, Mars, will go forward, and by May 17, Mars will be up to speed and back to making good ole “linear progress” for the next year and a half. Where we have been feeling blocked, wanting to express ourselves but have not been able to for reasons ranging from double blizzards to “accidents” to “he is an asshole”, we can be looking forward to the spring to be out of the starting gate, Aries favorite place.
When Mars changes from retrograde to forward movement, this can be compared to a boy going through puberty and suddenly having the mature, male hormone rushing around in his body. As parents we want these boys to be doing sports, to channel their aggression in a healthy way. We dont want our kids to be bullies or be bullied either.
Over the next few weeks it may be as if we all have an inner child who is a hormonal adolescent. We can remember all the good advice and wishes we have ever given or projected on to our kids from “Go outside and play” to “Why aren’t you on the football team”. We can take these memories in stride on a small walk every day a longer walk as the days are getting prettier and the weather (maybe) nicer and our muscles stronger. I think the opposite of bully is hero, and that’s what we are looking for here, ultimately to be the hero of ourselves.


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