De-Friending Ghosts During Pisces Stellium

Last night, While the moon was in Leo and a stellium of planets was surrendering to Pisces, I painted another fish. For days, this sketched out thing with a background sat on my drawing table looking like a ghost. I had started the painted in my own private 12th house. While the Moon was in silly ole Leo, that’s when I got brave enough to move to the metaphorical 6th house artist studio in my mind, where I can actually get stuff done. I say brave because one can get criticized there. In reality, all I did was changed physical chairs, going from the ghost side of the table to the productive side of the table.

During the days when the ghost was spooking me I was noticing something totally on a different topic, but maybe still about Pisces. I noticed there was a lot of de-friending going on. My Leo friend wrote to me telling me he felt guilty for wanting to de-friend a someone he didnt know who was dragging in banter. Then I realized regarding someone else, that I had friended a friend of firend who I didnt know was abusing the friend so I quietly de-friended. Then another friend told me she was trimming her friend list, and that she did.

This de-friending was building to a critical mass and in the momentum, I decided to de-friend the ghost sitting on my table, and it’s been a better life since. What I am not sure is, what purpose did the ghost serve. Maybe I will find out tomorrow, when the Moon gets full in service.


2 thoughts on “De-Friending Ghosts During Pisces Stellium

  1. Lovely big, fat and happy fish Deirdre, swimming contentedly around looking for new opportunities with the heart of a child.In this de-friending period one really has to love the people who we chose to keep around, perhaps even to engage more with them in future.<3

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